3 Qualities of a Photojournalist

In a recent interview Ed was asked to name 3 qualities of a photojournalist. This is his reply, illustrated through the work “Afghanistan: A Darkness Visible” by Seamus Murphy. Produced by MediaStorm, the recently completed multimedia piece spans 3 decades in the turbulent nation.


Afghanistan was not a topic in the mainstream media back in 1994 when Seamus first entered Afghanistan and began shooting the local people. What began as an instant of curiosity turned into a project that lasted for 3 decades.


In 1994, when Seamus first began documenting Afghanistan, the Soviets had pulled out and left in their wake a nation controlled by warlords and eventually the Taliban. Photography was not welcome and quite dangerous. Seamus chose to embed with the local people instead of the US Military in years to come in order to stay intimate with the Afghan people, his mission from the start.


For his dedication to serving the interests of the local Afghans and finding inspiration in civil life, Seamus won POYi’s World Understanding Award in 2005. The latest iteration, with MediaStorm’s involvement, is a seminal project that chronicles a people through decades of strife with compassion and intelligence.