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Explaining the diversity of this group is the easiest way to answer the question, “How do I become a National Geographic photographer?” I usually answer this question by saying: “It is not easy or glamorous (see Reality Check). And this is not where you begin your career. You are competing with world-class documentary photographers and within that genre there are men and women who are the absolute best at their specialty. There are a number of specialists — underwater photographers with different skills — one works in very deep water; a couple photograph at all depths and temperatures; one dives in caves, another holds his breath under whales; and then there is a guy who just works in puddles. One photographer travels all over the world to strap a big fan on his back to shoot aerials. There is a bug guy, an archeology specialist, and a number of folks that photograph critters. There are climbers, conflict photographers, portrait photographers and landscape specialists.” Then I usually end with how amazed I am that I can survive in this crowd as a generalist… in such esteemed company. – Randy Olson


Hire a Photographer:

Name Last Name Website Email Phone Location By Location By Speciality
Lynsey Addario Addario www.lynseyaddario.com
Joshua White White www.joshuawhitephotography.com West Jefferson , North Carolina USA - North Carolina Animals, Environment, Natural History
William Albert Allard Allard williamalbertallard.com
Stephen Alvarez Alvarez www.alvarezphotography.com +19313924283 Sewanee , Tennessee USA - Tennessee Advertising, Corporate, Landscape
José Azel Azel www.joseazel.com Maine USA - Maine Advertising, Video/Multimedia, Travel
James Balog Balog ExtremeIceSurvey.org 303-494-1737
Richard Barnes Barnes richardbarnes.net 415-577-6662
Remi Benali Benali www.remibenali.com Arles , France France Archaeology, People and Cultures, Corporate
Jonas Bendiksen Bendiksen www.theplaceswelive.com (+47) 957 22 853 Oslo , Norway Norway Corporate, People and Cultures, Portrait
Nathan Benn Benn www.kodachromememory.com
James P. Blair Blair 202-345-0577 Washington, DC , District of Columbia USA - District of Columbia Social Documentary
Marcus Bleasdale Bleasdale www.marcusbleasdale.com +4790217559 OSLO , Norway Norway Social Documentary, Video/Multimedia, Conflict
Ira Block Block www.irablock.com + 1(212)242-2728
Michael Christopher Brown Brown www.mcbphotos.com +1 718 354 5990 Brooklyn , New York USA - New York Conflict, People and Cultures, Landscape
Andrea Bruce Bruce andreabruce.com Mexico City, Mexico , Mexico Mexico
Luciano Candisani Candisani www.lucianocandisani.com +5512-3896 6078 Ilhabela , Brazil Brazil Underwater, Natural History, Environment
Nick Cobbing Cobbing www.nickcobbing.com Stockholm , Sweden Sweden Environment, Social Documentary, Landscape
David Burnett Burnett www.davidburnett.com 703-626-1696
Kitra Cahana Cahana www.kitracahana.com
Jimmy Chin Chin www.jimmychin.com Victor , Idaho USA - Idaho Advertising, Travel, Video/Multimedia
Robert Clark Clark www.robertclark.com 718.858.1810 New York City , New York USA - New York Archaeology, Portrait, People and Cultures
Jodi Cobb Cobb jodicobb.com +1.202.333.8494
Cotton Coulson and Sisse Brimberg Brimberg www.keenpress.com +44 7895 555416 Glasgow , United Kingdom United Kingdom Video/Multimedia, Travel, Corporate
Cameron Davidson Davidson www.camerondavidson.com 703-845-0547 Aerial, Corporate, Landscape
Jay Dickman Dickman www.jaydickman.net 303-730-2894
Mitch Dobrowner Dobrowner www.mitchdobrowner.com Studio City , California USA - California
David Doubilet Doubilet WWW.DavidDoubilet.com
Peter Essick Essick www.PeterEssick.com 770-653-0264 Atlanta , Georgia USA - Georgia Environment, Landscape, Aerial
Travis Dove Dove www.travisdove.com North Carolina USA - North Carolina People and Cultures, Travel, Portrait
Jack Dykinga Dykinga www.dykinga.com 520-743-0242 Arizona USA - Arizona Landscape, Travel
Rubén Salgado Escudero Escudero www.rubensalgado.com
Kai Fagerstrom Fagerstrom www.kafa.fi Salo , Finland Finland
Melissa Farlow Farlow www.olsonfarlow.com +1.412.741.2586 Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania USA - Pennsylvania People and Cultures, Travel, Health
Stephen Ferry Ferry www.stephenferry.com Cartagena , Colombia Colombia People and Cultures, Conflict
Karla Gachet Gachet www.karlagachet.com +593 99006281 Quito , Ecuador Ecuador People and Cultures, Portrait, Travel
Kenneth Garrett Garrett www.Kennethgarrett.com 540-270-0629 Archaeology, People and Cultures, Aerial
Ken Geiger Geiger portfolio.kengeiger.com
Michael George George www.michaelgeorgephoto.com (239) 898 - 1799 New York , New York USA - New York Corporate, Portrait, Travel
Greg Girard Girard www.greggirard.com Vancouver , Canada Canada Environment, Natural History, Corporate
Annie Griffiths Griffiths www.anniegriffiths.com (703) 757-3383 Reston , Virginia USA - Virginia Video/Multimedia, Environment, People and Cultures
David Guttenfelder Guttenfelder davidguttenfelder.com Tokyo Conflict, People and Cultures, Video/Multimedia
Erlend Haarberg and Orsolya Haarberg Haarberg www.haarbergphoto.com Trondheim , Norway Norway Animals, Landscape, Aerial
Robin Hammond Hammond www.robinhammond.co.uk +33 (0)6 95 29 75 35 Paris , France France Social Documentary
David Alan Harvey Harvey www.burnmagazine.org New York , New York USA - New York People and Cultures, Travel
Tommy Heinrich Heinrich www.tommyheinrich.com +54-911-4186-4807 Buenos Aires , Argentina Argentina Environment, People and Cultures, Landscape
Max Aguilera-Hellweg Aguilera-Hellweg aguilerahellweg.com 914.216.9475 Connecticut USA - Connecticut Video/Multimedia, People and Cultures, Health
Mike Hettwer Hettwer www.hettwer.com (312) 944 1141 Chicago , Illinois USA - Illinois Archaeology, People and Cultures, Environment
Fritz Hoffmann Hoffmann www.FritzHoffmann.com 1-917-482-4860
Aaron Huey Huey www.aaronhuey.com Stanford University , California USA - California People and Cultures, Conflict, Travel
Charlie Hamilton James James www.charliehamiltonjames.co.uk United Kingdom United Kingdom Environment, Natural History, People and Cultures
Diane Cook and Len Jenshel Jenshel www.cookjenshel.com 212-316-7809 New York City , New York USA - New York Environment, Landscape, Travel
Lynn Johnson Johnson lynnjohnsonphoto.com 917-940-1911 Pennsylvania USA - Pennsylvania People and Cultures, Health, Social Documentary
Catherine Karnow Karnow catherinekarnowphotoworkshop.com +1 415 928-3232 (Studio) +1 415 305-8181 (Mobile) California USA - California People and Cultures, Travel, Environment
Ed Kashi Kashi www.edkashi.com +1.973.746.9096 Montclair , New Jersey USA - New Jersey Video/Multimedia, Conflict, People and Cultures
Ivan Kashinsky Kashinsky ivankphoto.com +593.98127559 People and Cultures, Portrait, Travel
Karen Kasmauski Kasmauski www.kasmauski.com
Mattias Klum Klum www.mattiasklum.com +4618142800 Uppsala , Sweden Sweden Animals, People and Cultures, Natural History
Bob Krist Krist www.bobkrist.com +1 215 862 4828 New Hope , Pennsylvania USA - Pennsylvania Aerial, Travel, Video/Multimedia
Tim Laman Laman TimLaman.com +1 781.676.2952 Lexington , Massachusetts USA - Massachusetts Animals, Environment, Natural History
Frans Lanting Lanting www.lanting.com 831-429-1331
Erika Larsen Larsen erikalarsenphoto.com +212 253 0166 New Jersey USA - New Jersey Portrait, People and Cultures, Landscape
Mark Leong Leong Beijing , China China
David Liittschwager Liittschwager liittschwager.com +1 415 531 6882 San Francisco , California USA - California Natural History, Environment, Portrait
Gerd Ludwig Ludwig gerdludwig.com +1 323.882.6999 Los Angeles , California USA - California Environment, People and Cultures, Portrait
Robert W. Madden Madden bobmadden.com Annapolis , Maryland USA - Maryland People and Cultures, Environment, Travel
Pascal Maitre Maitre +33778544156
Peter McBride McBride www.petemcbride.com Colorado USA - Colorado Aerial, Travel, Environment
Steve McCurry McCurry www.stevemccurry.com 610.363.6339 New York City , New York USA - New York People and Cultures, Travel, Portrait
David McLain McLain www.davidmclain.com 207-450-6968 North Yarmouth , Maine USA - Maine People and Cultures, Video/Multimedia, Advertising
Joe McNally McNally www.joemcnally.com 203.438.4750 New York , New York USA - New York Environment, People and Cultures, Portrait
Michael Melford Melford www.michaelmelford.com +1 860-303-8221 Mystic , Connecticut USA - Connecticut Environment, Landscape, Aerial
Peter Menzel Menzel www.menzelphoto.com Napa Valley , California USA - California People and Cultures, Health, Environment
Francisco Mingorance Mingorance www.franciscomingorance.es +60 733 6618 Spain Spain Animals, Aerial, Natural History
Mark W Moffett Moffett www.doctorbugs.com Animals, Natural History, Environment
Yva Momatiuk and John Eastcott Eastcott www.momatiukeastcott.com 845 338 4260
Matt Moyer Moyer www.mattmoyer.com +1.917.620.3419 New Paltz , New York USA - New York Conflict, Corporate, Health
Vincent J Musi Musi vincentjmusi.com +1 (843) 883-5483 Charleston , South Carolina USA - South Carolina Animals, People and Cultures
Dominic Nahr Nahr www.dominicnahr.com + 254 714 606 778 Nairobi , Kenya Kenya Conflict, Landscape, People and Cultures
Ian Nichols Nichols www.iannicholsphotography.com 434 249 9994 Animals, Natural History, Environment
Michael Nichols Nichols www.michaelnicknichols.com Virginia USA - Virginia Animals, Natural History, Environment
Paul Nicklen Nicklen paulnicklen.com Underwater, Environment, Animals
Flip Nicklin Nicklin 831-761-3600
Klaus Nigge Nigge www.nigge.com +49 2306 51720 Luenen , Germany Germany Animals, Landscape, Aerial
Martin Oeggerli Oeggerli www.micronaut.ch +41 (0)76 442 35 08 Basel , Switzerland Switzerland
Randy Olson Olson olsonfarlow.com +1.412.741.2586 Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania USA - Pennsylvania Advertising, Health, Corporate
Charles O’Rear O’Rear www.wineviews.com St. Helena , California USA - California Landscape, Aerial
Matthieu Paley Paley www.paleyphoto.com Istanbul , Turkey Turkey
Andrew Parkinson Parkinson www.andrewparkinson.com +44(0)7901540163
Thomas Peschak Peschak www.thomaspeschak.com Cape Town , South Africa South Africa Underwater, Environment, Natural History
Carsten Peter Peter www.CarstenPeter.com +49 171 53 18 292 Munich , Germany Germany Natural History, People and Cultures, Environment
Joanna B Pinneo Pinneo joannabpinneophoto.com 303-485-2341 Boulder , Colorado USA - Colorado People and Cultures, Environment, Travel
REZA www.rezaphoto.org +33 153 19 83 83 France France Conflict, People and Cultures, Portrait
Cory Richards Richards www.coryrichards.com Boulder , Colorado USA - Colorado Travel, Portrait, People and Cultures
Jim Richardson Richardson jimrichardsonphotography.com 785 227-4442
Joe Riis Riis www.joeriis.com 605-280-0959 South Dakota USA - South Dakota
Norbert Rosing Rosing www.rosing.de +49 8144-7813
Drew Rush Rush www.drewrush.com (307) 690-6709 Jackson , Wyoming USA - Wyoming Natural History, Animals
Bob Sacha Sacha www.bobsacha.com 1-212-749-4128 Manhattan , New York USA - New York Video/Multimedia, Environment, People and Cultures
Joel Sartore Sartore joelsartore.com +1 402 474 1006 Lincoln , Nebraska USA - Nebraska Animals, Environment, Natural History
Kevin Schafer Schafer www.kevinschafer.com (206) 933-1668 Seattle , Washington USA - Washington
Martin Schoeller Schoeller www.martinschoeller.com New York USA - New York
Shaul Schwarz Schwarz www.shaulschwarz.com +1 347 3284774
Stephanie Sinclair Sinclair www.stephaniesinclair.com Brooklyn , New York USA - New York
Brian Skerry Skerry BrianSkerry.com 001-508-278-3737 Massachusetts USA - Massachusetts Underwater, Natural History, Aerial
John Stanmeyer Stanmeyer www.stanmeyer.com +413.429.5755
George Steinmetz Steinmetz www.georgesteinmetz.com 973-259-1003 Glen Ridge , New Jersey USA - New Jersey Aerial, Landscape, People and Cultures
Medford Taylor Taylor medfordtaylor.com +1 804 652-0015 Richmond , Virginia USA - Virginia
Amy Toensing Toensing www.amytoensing.com +1.215.313.0549 New Paltz , New York USA - New York Corporate, Portrait, People and Cultures
Tyrone Turner Turner www.tyronefoto.com 703-969-1031
Stefano Unterthiner Unterthiner www.stefanounterthiner.com +39 347 6951159 Italy Italy Animals, Environment, Natural History
Tomas van Houtryve Houtryve tomasvh.com France France Aerial, Landscape, Corporate
Pablo Corral Vega Vega pablocorralvega.net +16173950322
Marco Vernaschi Vernaschi +541147886857 Buenos Aires , Argentina Argentina People and Cultures, Portrait, Social Documentary
Carlos Villalon Villalon www.villalonsantamaria.com 347 220 2408 - 57 314 351 8899 Bogota , Colombia Colombia Travel, People and Cultures, Conflict
Ami Vitale Vitale www.amivitale.com Missoula , Montana USA - Montana Video/Multimedia, Travel, People and Cultures
Beth Wald Wald bethwaldphotography.com (303) 519 3408 Boulder , Colorado USA - Colorado People and Cultures, Environment, Travel
Gordon Wiltsie Wiltsie www.alpenimage.com 406-587-5221 Bozeman , Montana USA - Montana People and Cultures, Travel, Advertising
Steve Winter Winter www.stevewinterphoto.com 201-723-4606 New Jersey USA - New Jersey Animals, People and Cultures, Advertising
Michael Yamashita Yamashita michaelyamashita.com +1 (908) 879-1391
Dave Yoder Yoder www.daveyoder.com +39 340 539 9484 Milan , Italy Italy Travel, People and Cultures, Corporate
Christian Ziegler Ziegler www.naturphoto.de +507 6863 7585 Gamboa , Panama Panama Animals, Environment, Natural History