April 10 – July 15, never-ending

Please take a look at this important story that addresses our nation’s servitude to our large corporations, oftentimes at the cost of our fellow Americans. Talking Eye’s Media’s Jesse Dearing, Open Society Foundation’s Lauren Frohne and Chapel Hill Professor Chad Stevens, have teamed up to create the long term documentary, Spilling Over, that follows the post-BP-oil-spill lives of the Arnesen family in Louisiana.

Naturally, the film-in-the-making is slow going as it sheds light on how unresolved, for the most part forgotten, the fishing industry after the spill in the gulf really is. One is left to wonder what the outcome will be for the Arnesen family — and in turn many Gulf coast fishermen and their families — as they set about trying to weigh their options between uprooting their way of life and hoping for an unlikely and illusive justice locally.

Dearing and Frohne have recently launched a blog to chronicle their journey while they capture the Arnesen’s.