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Many Thanks

My photographing in Korea is over. I want to give very special humble thank you to all the Haenyeo I came to admire for their resilience, free spirit, sense of humor, and warmth. These women divers showed me a whole new world. Bobbing around out there in the frigid Pacific on their little foam floats and then kicking down without oxygen tanks to pick up a few abalone off the ocean floor was simply something to witness. Most of these women have been doing this for 50 years or more. A tradition in its final years . Many thanks ladies.…

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Tell It Like It Is

A spread from “Tell It Like It Is ” my first book shot in 1967 of one Norfolk, Va. family during the height of Martin Luther King’s civil rights movement. King was killed just 4 months after this book was published. The “contribution $2.” sale of the book was intended to go to disadvantaged families in this segregated neighborhood. A new release of this book along with the 38 contact sheets will be released this fall by BurnBooks as historical document. After shooting this work in August of 1967 I went off to grad school and lost contact with the…

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A Letter From David…

Ahhh, after a whirlwind spring and early summer, I am finally at home for a bit.  Summertime is exactly that, and for sure we all need a break at times. In this summertime spirit, we are going to extend the deadline for the Emerging Photographer Fund grant of $10,000 to September 02, 2014.  Our original deadline for the EPF/Magnum Foundation Grant was July 31, 2014. This is an extension of 4 weeks – all of August. We are receiving a lot of requests to extend it for one or two days, one week… No point to do that, so if we have to…

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Following the Light

I was talking on the phone when I took this. They were following the light as it moved. Every 2 minutes they would take a step back. Photo by @kravse for @burndiary.

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Emerging Photographer Fund 2014

  Emerging Photographer Fund 2014 Get ready to submit your greatest stuff… We are now officially announcing the Emerging Photographer Fund award for 2014… The EPF grant is designed to support continuation of a photographer’s personal project. This body of work may be of either journalistic mission or purely personal artistic imperatives. The primary intent is to support emerging photographers who will become the icons of tomorrow.   — An esteemed jury will award a $10,000 grant.THE DEADLINE FOR THE 2014 EDITION IS JULY 31, 6PM PSTAPPLY HERE! —   More information here:

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Saturday Night Fever

Saturday night fever. Texas style. Alexandra is now a married woman and rocked the night away with 120 friends and family at their Hill Country ranch. Mother Ofe directed the show of course. Michael Loyd Young is the proud father of the bride and the author of BurnBooks upcoming photo book Beer, Bait, & Ammo.@loyd

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