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Cover of Leica’s M Magazine

Cover of Leica’s M Magazine featuring some of my Brazil work. This from Salvador, Bahia. Rio and Bahia have been favorites of mine for awhile now. Both featured in NatGeo. Rio the source of one book and another upcoming. If a photographer or any artist gets locked into a place, there must be a reason. If the “reason” is only in your imagination, so much the better. ‪#‎Brazil‬ ‪#‎bahia‬ ‪#‎leica‬

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EPF 2015 – the winners

        EPF 2015 WINNERS   Danila Tkachenko, winner – $10,000 Aaron Vincent Elkaim, honorable mention     FUJIFULM/YOUNG TALENT AWARD 2015 WINNERS   Sofia Valiente, winner – $5,000 + FujiFilm camera Mu Yang, runner up – FujiFilm camera Aaron Canipe, runner up – FujiFilm camera Joshua Irwandi, runner up – FujiFilm camera Nicolas Enriquez, runner up – FujiFilm camera     EPF 2015 FINALISTS   (in alphabetical order) Javier Arcenillas Marta Berens Annie Flanagan Alvaro Laiz Sebastian Liste Paolo Marchetti Alexander Mendelevich Metrography (collective) Emanuel Occhipinti Raffaele Petralla Joao Pina Pablo Piovano Sarker Protick Aaron Vincent Elkaim*…

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Burn Magazine Interviews Scott Thode at Look3 Festival of the Photograph

  Look3 is upon us. Again. This week. Right now. We will try to keep you updated, mostly through Burn Instagram but also right here and sure when the EPF is announced on Friday morning at the Paramount Theater. There are lots of great artists floating around. Terrific exhibitions curated this year by Kathy Ryan, Director of Photography NYTimes Magazine, and Scott Thode, Curator at Large… Kaya Lee Berne now takes you quickly through all the shows with Scott Thode… BurnBooks will also have a special presence in both the Paramount Theater and in the LOOK3 bookstore.. Authors from Burn…

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BurnBooks announces the release of “Tell It Like It Is” by David Alan Harvey

Tell It Like It Is  by David Alan Harvey Published by BurnBooks May 2015 Layout and Design: Anton Kusters and Diego Orlando Image Color Correction: Paolo Lecca Production: Michael Courvoisier, Kaya Lee Berne Offset Printing by Grafiche Antiga, Treviso, Italy 15″ x 22.5″ Originally shot In 1967 when David Alan Harvey was just 23 and in graduate journalism school in Missouri. Tell It Like It Is was destined to be re-published. It is not an epic. It is a photographic slice of another era, and a small piece of one family’s history in the U.S.       2015 Edition of…

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Kathy Ryan and Scott Thode

Kathy Ryan, Dir of Photography, NYTimes Magazine and Scott Thode editor/ curator at large. At home. These two have just given me the show of a lifetime at this June. A triple whammy three part show. Brazil, Tell It Like It Is and Haenyeo Angels of the Sea. 50 60×40 prints. Killer. IF I can get it all done. Is this honor from Kathy and Scott a straight call? Hell no. It’s an inside job. We are long time friends. Point is, make good friends when you are young and before you become who you might be. Those are…

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Kaya Lee Berne, my all around keep my life straight first assistant, has come to my home to help me set my darkroom for the 100 8×10 prints I will personally print for the limited edition version of my upcoming Tell It Like It Is. While we are mixing chemicals for the darkroom we are here testing the Leica Monochrom up against the Fuji x100T set on b&w mode. This Instagram shot is the Monochrom shot which does have a file the Fuji cannot match . Right out of the camera the monochrome looks like an exhibition print yes even…

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