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Nat Geo Party

  NatGeo party Washington DC. These are two of the most famous natural history/adventure photographers of our time. The tribe is gathered for the annual photographers Seminar. Who are these two?

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Rio Workshop

Rio de Janeiro. A spread from my book (based on a true story). Nope not selling books, the book is sold out. Yet I am going back to Rio soon to do a photo workshop starting Feb 1. We do have one space left for a class limit of 10. Contact:

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As you will see in the video above, Kathy Ryan, New York Times Magazine, and I are long time friends. We met teaching together at the Eddie Adams Workshop way back at the beginning.  Hmmm, maybe 25 years ago. I have no real sense of time. Anyway Kathy is a gem. Known forever as a picture editor, now turned photographer, now with a published book, and still Director of Photography at the NYTimes Magazine. Kathy became a photographer because of Instagram. Literally. Instagram was Kathy’s  only platform. Changed her life by allowing her to shoot daily in her own office…

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david alan harvey – cuba

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Many Thanks

My photographing in Korea is over. I want to give very special humble thank you to all the Haenyeo I came to admire for their resilience, free spirit, sense of humor, and warmth. These women divers showed me a whole new world. Bobbing around out there in the frigid Pacific on their little foam floats and then kicking down without oxygen tanks to pick up a few abalone off the ocean floor was simply something to witness. Most of these women have been doing this for 50 years or more. A tradition in its final years . Many thanks ladies.…

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Tell It Like It Is

A spread from “Tell It Like It Is ” my first book shot in 1967 of one Norfolk, Va. family during the height of Martin Luther King’s civil rights movement. King was killed just 4 months after this book was published. The “contribution $2.” sale of the book was intended to go to disadvantaged families in this segregated neighborhood. A new release of this book along with the 38 contact sheets will be released this fall by BurnBooks as historical document. After shooting this work in August of 1967 I went off to grad school and lost contact with the…

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