Quiet fog

Less than a week ago I was shooting all night beach party pictures in Mexico. Now I’m in the fog in the quiet forlorn bleak winter beauty of the outer banks NC. Oh yeah 2 days of Rome are within this same week. Whew! So yea I’m into soft non moving shapes that are right

At home hanging

It’s impossible for me to take the night “off” ..nor anytime a “vacation”. Vacation from what? So I’m always playing at home mostly with the iPhone as here .. Snapshots, experiments, mindless shooting, the occasional keeper..I’m addicted to shooting I think..a bit weird really..the only stress comes from switching from shooting passion to editing and […]

Robert Clark – Evolution


Robert Clark Evolution The word Evolution jumps out at us, it scares and divides us. I see it as something that unites us. Natural Selection is the mechanism that drives evolution, and the evidence is everywhere; it surrounds us. I see it in the beautiful fossils (crinoids on page???) of my youth in Western Kansas, […]

OBX landscape


Outer Banks NC. Nov 12, 2016. Down here in the outer banks we’ve got strip malls, some bad architectural choices, and too much tourist traffic in summer. BUT within 5 minutes of anywhere you can be in the “middle of nowhere”. Either by boat by car or on foot. I’m sitting on the tarmac at […]

Nat Geo cover


    I’m on my front porch in my fave spot looking at sand and wind and light. Darkroom ready to roll. So yea it’s a bit of nostalgia time before I hit the road again soon for a 6 week marathon. This was my first cover for NatGeoMagazine back in ’73 when I was […]



  Love on Escambrón Beach, San Juan. #puertorico #sanjuan #beachlife #beachgames #love #fujixpro2

Work space David Alan Harvey

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Photo by Frank Brown @obxhomepage, if anyone really knows @davidalanharvey David’s work space is mainly his iPhone. The saying at your desk literally meant you were at your desk. Now it means if you have your phone turned on you are at your desk.At home with David Alan Harvey on a winters day.



I’ve now done 4 pictures in a row from Rio/Bahia in Brazil. All a bit different in subject matter. I’ll do 2 more tomorrow.The 6 Brazil pictures do not encompass very much territory. I tend to choose very few places to shoot especially in a broad topic.This picture was published both in National Geographic and […]

James Whitlow Delano – The Little People: Equatorial Rainforest Project

Looking south over the Plain of Bah, in the heart of Borneo, was the last intensively inhabited valley in Sarawak that industrial loggers had now reached but they are now on the outskirts of Bario.

James Whitlow Delano The Little People: Equatorial Rainforest Project In the Eden-like rainforests that once clothed the equator, multinational corporations are quietly stealing the resources of powerless, largely voiceless indigenous peoples whose names still identify the mountains, the valleys, and the rivers from where oil, timber, gold and other valuable minerals are spirited away. Imagine […]

Nick Nichols in the Outer Banks


NatGeo Editor, Photographer, and Explorer, Michael “Nick” Nichols in the Outer Banks. Nick is a dear friend for I have no idea how long. Magnum colleague, NatGeo colleague, and we be high a few times colleague. Nick and Reba’s backyard slide shows became Look3. Every photographer I know at Magnum and NatGeo is a workaholic. […]