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Sugarcane & Kidney Disease work featured in The Guardian

The Guardian has published a series of Ed’s photographs of sugarcane workers in Nicaragua and El Salvador alongside an article that details how heat stress is leading to thousands of chronic kidney disease deaths. Sugar cane cutters are dying on a large scale in Central America from chronic kidney disease (CKD) and studies are pointing to working conditions as the cause. In the past 10 years, 20,000 people have died in Nicaragua and El Salvador alone as a result of CKD, which studies suggest is caused by dehydration, heat exposure and physical stress. You can check out the article here

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New Frontiers in the Art of Visual Storytelling with Ed Kashi: Dubai 2016

You can join Ed for the 2016 Gulf Photo Plus Festival in February 2016! He’ll be teaching two masterclasses with the theme of ‘New Frontiers in the Art of Visual Storytelling’ and registration is now open. A more detailed description of the event is below or you can head directly to the website to read more and sign up. This weeklong masterclass will allow you to share your work in an intimate session and learn about the many new ways we can create photographs, tell visual stories, work with mobile photography and develop your personal style and approach for greater…

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Eyes in Progress: Visual Storytelling with Ed Kashi

Registration for the Visual Storytelling Workshop Ed will be giving in Amsterdam in October, 2016 is now open. Hosted by Eyes in Progress, the workshop will span four days and will focus on learning how improve the creation of a documentary reportage project. Ed will help participants to refine their own unique visual language through a series of master classes, assignments and portfolio reviews. Furthermore, participants will learn to refine storytelling and story composition by analyzing real-situation problems, images analysis, editing and captions writing. Early-bird registration fees, i.e. applications received before July 31st, 2016, are 930 €. Eyes in…

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Eye for an Eye Exhibition LA

The Hands Down Creative Collective is putting on an exhibition entitled ‘Eye for an Eye’ on November 6th in Los Angeles, California. The exhibit will be held at the Think Tank Gallery in LA and is featuring a selection of photographs from Ed’s work on Sugarcane & Kidney Disease. The Hands Down Collective have assembled an exhibit composed of a variety of different kinds of photography. As it is a group exhibit, Ed’s work will be displayed alongside photojournalism from other National Geographic contributors, as well as work done for Time and Getty Images, as well as fashion, street…

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Crossing Borders Picture Fund

  Today the Crossing Borders Picture Fund has launched! This effort, spearheaded by Laura El-Tantawy, has yielded a print auction to raise funds towards the current migrant crisis. The auction will be live for two weeks only and will feature work by a wide range of photographers including VII Photographers Ed Kashi and Sim Chi Yin. “It is a reaction by a group of photographers to support families being uprooted from their homes in a desperate and urgent need for safety and a better life – many dying in the process of doing so. Historically speaking, there has…

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SXSW Interactive Festival 2016


The results of the SXSW Panel Picker have been announced! Ed Kashi will be participating in a panel “Strategic Storytelling: Video As Policy Changer” at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival in March 2016.  The panel will explore how advocates, visual storytellers, lawyers, and artists can combine expertise to unravel the web of policies and practices that create an inherently unfair criminal justice system for poor people and minorities. It will consider the social impact storytelling strategies have on these issues and the potential for their use on a much broader scale. Alongside Adam Stofsky of…

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