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War & Memory

Presented by the Homecoming Project, “War & Memory” is a group exhibition featuring the work of photographers Erin Trieb, Ed Kashi (VII), Ashley Gilbertson (VII), and Michael Kamber among others. This show uses the power of storytelling and visual arts to draw attention to our military communities affected by the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

“War & Memory”… will be on display at Fovea in Beacon, NY from April 12, 2014 – July 6, 2014 with the opening reception on April 12 from 5-9pm. The opening event will feature an artist talk by photographer and

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Unresolved Dreams: Azerbaijan Refugees

“What I observed in western Azerbaijan, among the small portion of the nearly one million Azerbaijanis who were displaced by the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh two decades ago, are a people who are aching to return to their homes.” – Ed Kashi

Photo©2013_Ed Kashi/VII

The European Azerbaijan Society (TEAS) is partnering with VII to present an exhibition of Ed Kashi’s photographs from Azerbaijan. “Unresolved Dreams: Azerbaijan’s Refugees & IDPs” will be on display from April 10th – 13th at the Oxo Gallery in London….

Photo©2013 Ed Kashi/VII

These images render a deeper look into the plight of Azerbaijan’s refugees who

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Alexia Foundation 2014 Women’s Initiative Grant

Now open for proposal submissions, the Alexia Foundation just announced the call for entries for the 2014 Women’s Initiative Grant. A $25,000 grant will be awarded to a project that will address a significant issue that involves and affects women. Photojournalists based anywhere in the world are invited to submit proposals.
Unlike the first Women’s Initiative Grant, the subject matter is not restricted to a certain topic or location. The press release states…, “This call for entries is intended to permit the photographer to propose a serious documentary photographic or multimedia project encompassing any issue involving women anywhere in

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Follow Friday on TIME LightBox

Photojournalist Ed Kashi (VII) and his VII Mentee Laura El-Tantawy recently collaborated on a social media-based image-blending project. Rooted in the @echosight project by Danny Ghitis and Daniella Zalcman, this work brings photographs from different creators and different locations together using an app called Image Blender.

©Ed Kashi/VII and Laura El-Tantawy/VII Mentor

Earlier this year, Ghitis and Zalcman “approached Kashi and El-Tantawy, asking them to contribute to the Instagram account for a week,” to continue developing this project. “The images that emerged from their collaboration are as beautiful as they are unusual” according to TIME LightBox. …

©Ed Kashi/VII

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Fairfood Interview: “Photos That Are More Than Images”

Published today by Fairfood International, an interview with Ed Kashi (VII) describes his experience photographing the sugarcane workers affected by Chronic Kidney Disease of unknown origin (CKDu) and their families. In 2013 Kashi traveled to Nicaragua, working with La Isla Foundation, to bring awareness to an epidemic that his killed thousands of Central Americans in the past 10 years.

Photo©2013_Ed Kashi/VII

“I want to create images that are true, powerful, and compelling that can bring a greater impact on the issue and the solution. My work can help raise awareness of this growing health issue in an industry

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CALL FOR ENTRIES Narrative Documentary: Still in Motion (SDN) is now accepting entries for  “Narrative Documentary: Still & in Motion”. Submissions should ”create a coherent documentary narrative, first with the images and then providing necessary context with text and optionally, sound and motion.”
For the first time ever, SDN will be accepting multimedia entries, as “photography is no longer just the domain of the static image.”
Judged by SDN Advisory Committee members Barbara Ayotte, Lori Grinker, Ed Kashi (VII…), Reza, Glenn Ruga, Jeffrey D. Smith, and Jamie Welford, the first place prize will include: a feature in the inaugural edition of SDN print and

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