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Sarasota National Cemetery

“I was at the opening ceremony for Patriot Plaza at Sarasota National Cemetery this weekend. A permanent installation, “Witness to Mission” is a beautiful memorial with of photographs mounted on marble columns and 2 are mine. It’s quite an honor and amazing to think my work is part of a permanent memorial. Regardless of your views on war and the military, it’s deeply humbling to have my work and the work of still photographers serve as lasting memories.” -Ed Kashi

The Veterans Legacy Summit… took place this past weekend in Sarasota, FL, with a formal ceremony and opening of

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Deadline Approaching: “Azerbaijan – Sport in Focus”

The deadline is approaching for The European Azerbaijan Society (TEAS) call for entries for “Azerbaijan – Sport in Focus”. Presented in partnership with the inaugural European Games 2015 in Baku, Azerbaijan, the contest is open to both amateurs and professionals.

“The theme will be Azerbaijan and sports in order to celebrate the sporting culture in Azerbaijan ahead of the first European Games, to be hosted in Baku in June 2015. All types of photographs are welcome to be submitted – the only criterion is that the photos are related to sports and Azerbaijan.” Participants will have the chance to win

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National Geographic Masters of Photography

National Geographic has launched a series of DVD and online photography courses by 12 of the magazine’s top photographers: National Geographic Masters of Photography…. The complete series contains 24 lectures that “delve into the creative process, boost your confidence and your know-how, and gain insight into the techniques of true artists during 24 photographer-led lessons that will forever change the way you approach the craft.”

Not only does the series cover the fundamentals of photography including lighting, composition, and camera techniques, but also concepts like discovering personal vision and professional perspectives. In the storytelling unit there are two segments

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Human Rights Watch: Palliative Care In Mexico

“Imagine you are experiencing the worst pain of your life. Now imagine that the only way to get the pain medication you need is to travel several hours on a rickety public bus, while you are in agony. That’s the reality for thousands of people every year in Mexico. But this suffering is unnecessary – and our video will help create momentum for change.” – Human Rights Watch (HRW)

In May 2014, HRW successfully completed a Kick Starter Campaign… to fund the creation of a video to raise awareness about the lack of availability of palliative care in

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Interview with The Rights Exposure Project


Yesterday, Ed Kashi was featured on The Rights Exposure Project’s blog in a new segment called Three Strikes. “Three Strikes is to be a regular feature where we corner practitioners and activists to ask them three questions about the use of visual media for good. To kick things off we have Ed Kashi, a board member at VII and co-founder of Talking Eyes Media.” In this blog entry… Ed comments on his experience mentoring with the NYU Tisch School of Arts Human Rights & Photography program, the evolving digital media world, and his “Curse of the Black Gold”

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The Homecoming Project on #TIMEVets


TIME has launched a new online platform #TIMEVets dedicated to veterans’ issues. Photographers with The Homecoming Project (THCP) helped kick off this new website. THCP is “a public service campaign that has collected more than 1,000 images contributed by various photographers to raise awareness about Iraq and Afghanistan veterans’ struggle to readjust to civilian life.”

In yesterday’s article, “12 Portraits that Illustrate the Pain and Joy of Returning to Civilian Life,” images by THCP photographers including Erin Trieb, Ed Kashi (VII) and Ashley Gilbertson (VII…) among others, convey a multitude of powerful

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