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POYi Multimedia Photographer of the Year

Photo©Ed Kashi/VII When I began my life in photojournalism, I never would have predicted the direction the field would take. As this craft continues to evolve at a breakneck pace, it opens up new ways to engage with your audience and offers new tools and methods for dynamic storytelling – like motion and sound. This new way of telling stories is sometimes called multimedia, but in reality is short form documentary filmmaking.  Exploring these new avenues, I have come to cherish the importance of bringing a voice to my subjects and the greater responsibility this medium beckons upon my practice…

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Photography in the Age of Social Media

Tonight will be the opening reception of Viral: Photography in the Age of Social Media – a group exhibition expanding on the notion of “viral” and its impact on everyday life and our understanding of the world at the University of Cambridge in the UK. In conjunction with the exhibition launch, there will be a wine reception and academic colloquium Virulence: Visualizing the African Body as a Vector of Epidemics. Included among the roster of 17 photographers with images in this exhibition is Ed Kashi (VII). “From Ebola to social media, internet memes, and online videos, what…

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What Climate Change Looks Like, ‘Everyday’

VII Photographers Ed Kashi and Ron Haviv are part of the new Instagram feed, @everydayclimatechange. Recently featured on National Geographic’s PROOF blog, the feed is populated by photographers from five different continents and showcases images that tell the story of how our world is effected by climate change, from many perspectives. James Whitlow Delano, founder of the @everydayclimatechange feed, is quoted, “The main goal is to bring the concept that climate change isn’t just happening ‘over there’ but is something that affects the whole planet. The other goal is to bring this visual evidence through the…

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Upcoming Workshops at AndersonRanch

AndersonRanch Arts Center recently released their summer workshop line-up which can be viewed online here. The workshop catalog states, “Photography workshops have always been a vital part of Anderson Ranch, dating back to the early days…Over the decades, the program has progressively explored traditional and contemporary practices in photography and new media.” Ed Kashi has taught at AndersonRanch for a number of years and is proud to be teaching two courses in 2015.   The first workshop, Visual Storytelling & Documentary Photography Projects Ed will teach in partnership with James Estrin of the New York Times. “The digital age…

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Haiti: 5 Years Later

Yesterday, PBS News Hour published a photo essay on Haiti’s reconstruction and where the earthquake victims stand, 5 years later. Featuring photographs by Ed Kashi (VII/Talking Eyes Media) shot for the American Jewish World Service, the essay depicts the hardships that continue to challenge the earthquake survivors. The article states, “Although reconstruction efforts have removed much of the rubble — the National Palace, once the symbol of slow recovery, was demolished in 2012 — the most visible reminder of the earthquake has been the country’s displacement camps, where poor conditions are compounded by…

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Peace-Building With Cameras in South Sudan

  “Can a camera be a tool for peace-building? And can change begin with something as small as a group of students coming together to take pictures not of what separates them but of what bonds them as human beings–simple things like the dawn, kids on a playground, or a sports tournament? This past September, these questions were put into practice in South Sudan, the world’s newest nation, which has been embroiled in bitter ethnic conflict since December 2013. National Geographic Photo Camp, in partnership with Internews, put cameras in the hands of 20 communications students at the University of…

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