Burning Hot in Benin

I recently travelled to Benin in West Africa to work on a feature documentary film. While there I discovered that Benin is the birthplace of voodoo. The slave trade of centuries ago deeply connected the country to Haiti, which explains how voodoo extended to the Caribbean and Americas.     This…

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Sleepless in Myanmar: 10 Days in the Golden Land

I just returned from conducting a photography workshop in Myanmar. This beautiful and serene country has only recently been reopened to outsiders. The workshop was organized by Liza Politi, an incredible producer. She knows how to take care of both her photographers and, most importantly, the workshop participants, so it…

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Forging Relationships: The Challenges of Long Term Projects

In 1995 I published this piece in Salon about photographing messianic Jewish settlers in the West Bank. At the time, Salon was a pioneer in the world of online journalism. It was one of the first digital media outlets that focused solely on online distribution, so I felt as though I was entering new and unchartered territory for journalism and visual reporting. I had returned many times…

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Job Opening: Studio Manager

Straddling crossroads of trade for 4,500 years, the ancient city of Aleppo, with its hilltop Citadel, avoided demolition plans and was named a World Heritage spot by UNESCO in 1986. The refurbished Citadel is one of Aleppo's main attractions for both foreign and local tourists.

Opening for a creative and motivated studio manager for photojournalist and filmmaker Ed Kashi, based in Montclair, New Jersey. Start date will be January 2017. This is a 4 day a week, 32 hour/week position. Looking for commitment of at least two years. This person will be responsible for not…

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Gold Mining in Ghana

Scenes in the village of Tanchara, Ghana between July 25-31, 2016.

Just two weeks ago I had the tremendous privilege of witnessing what can happen when a small, poor, and, in the eyes of the modern world, underdeveloped community confronts a large, multinational mining company. The small, remote and rural community of Tanchara, Ghana rejected an Australian gold mining operation and…

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