Photos and Text: Ivan Kashinsky                           Warmi y Bloques  (Woman and Blocks)                                                           El Ojo del Consumismo  (The Eye of Consumerism)   #Projectmibarrio Recently, I decided to do a project.  I began documenting my neighborhood using only my iPhone.  I’ve been living in Ecuador […]

Sancho: The Little Jeep that Could

Text by Ivan K Photos by Karla and Ivan Yesterday we traded you in for another. You will always be remembered as the jeep that took us to the end of the world… and back. Nobody thought you’d make it. You climbed the Andes of Peru in search of the Condor Gods. You choked on […]

From La Clementina to La Mama Grande

Text by Karla Photos by Ivan, Caro and Karla During the last blue moon in August, fifteen foot flames ate up our home.  What is left of  the hundred-year-old hacienda house named La Clementina, still sits on the edge of the Canyon del Chiche. At the bottom of it, the river with the same name […]

Graffiti en Vivo

Venders called out prices for calamari, clams, and fresh fish, as locals scoped out the selection in the old port district of Valparaiso, Chile.  This is what they’ve been doing

Carnaval de Guaranda in Terra Incognita

I first set foot in Ecuador in 2004. It seems like a lifetime ago. In such a culturally and geographically diverse country it’s hard to know where to start. There’s so much! As young photojournalists, straight out of school, Karla and I turned to Terra Incognita magazine, to learn more about Ecuador. I call it […]