“Chasing Ice” nominated for Environmental Media Award

Variety – Thu., Aug. 9, 2012, 4:00pm PT
Environmental Media Awards reveal noms
By Jon Weisman
Screen offerings as diverse as “21 Jump Street” and “Handy Manny” have been nominated for kudos at the 22nd annual Environmental Media Awards.
Universal’s “Big Miracle” and “The Lorax” will vie for feature-film honors with Columbia’s “21″ at the event, […]

Greenland Melting


July 31, 2012—Greenland’s massive ice sheet is melting this summer like never before. Warm temperatures have conspired to thaw parts of the island — including 97 percent of its surface ice, temporarily — at unprecedented rates.

The signs are everywhere. On July 11, meltwater from upstream of Kangerlussuaq, west Greenland, spectacularly washed out a bridge. Videos […]