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The Boys of Summer, or, Thank Goodness Winter’s Over….

This Terminator of a winter finally fades as a memory. It was indeed like a movie monster who wouldn’t die, who rose up again and again, for one last kill or thrill. I’ve still got a pile of filthy ice and snow in the shadows of my driveway. I walk past it gingerly, lest I wake it. The bitter winter, combined with the fact that I couldn’t honestly tell you anything about anyone who starts for the Knicks, has made the crack of a bat and the slap of a ball hitting a glove welcome noises indeed. Prospects of success…

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Broad Light, Narrow Light

From the same light shaper. When Gary Astill, the peerless designer at Lastolite and I were brainstorming, I mentioned the quality of light translating through a Lastolite Skylite panel was always quite nice, but it was occasionally too much light. The source, a diffuser panel, is basically a 40′ square. It would often envelope the subject, sometimes in lovely fashion, but other times, it could have a tendency to swamp the subject, flooding them with too much light. I have an active imagination and I had visions of the subject drowning in light, gurgling something like “Use a more narrow…

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The Magnificent Lads on the Side of the Tower!

It is a task as endless as the desert. The Burj Khalifa tower, tallest structure in the world, soars out of the sands like a sharply constructed, elegant needle, seemingly designed to pop the blue balloon of sky overhead. It is a magnet for the eye, and hence the camera. Courtesy of the gracious folks @BurjKhalifa, Waseem and his team, and the Emaar Group, I was allowed to climb to the very top a couple years ago, and made a snap of some very battered shoes. This time, with the training given to me by the Grako

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A Fun Walk

In Dubai, now, from Las Vegas, desert to desert, one kind of glitz to another. WPPI was fun. I was very honored to give a keynote presentation there, but mostly it was a gathering of friends I’ve known in this business for many years. Also did a photowalk, which thankfully occurred on one of those beautiful desert mornings when the light was so crisp and clean it felt like it had been dry cleaned and pressed. I invited the lovely Charlotte O’Dowd, a dancer at Showstoppers, to come along with our group, and her statuesque presence, combined with the light,…

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From Here to There…

Travel is a wonderful thing. I walked out of my house, where we can barely see the lamp post in the walkway, got into a fast moving metal cylinder, and got deposited, roughly, in the desert, where we did a production shot yesterday. Vegas, here we are again. A change of scenery wasn’t the cause of the trip, though it was welcome. I’m down here for the WPPI Convention, and actually have a role to play, even though I am not a wedding shooter of any note whatsoever. I’m very honored to be giving the keynote address to the…

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Ozzie and the Mirrors

I shot this years ago, and have written about it, a bit. It was part of a huge Sports Illustrated project about defensive magicians on the baseball diamond. And of course, at that time, if you talked defense, you talked about Ozzie. The Wizard of Oz! The shortstop who looked like he played the position from at least five different starting places at once. My answer was to use mirrors, and simply reflect him around the infield. Coming up with this notion was certainly easier than shooting it. So much so, that the estimable Syl Arena, a speed light…

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