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Off to a Fast Start

The year, that is. The facts of the calendar. The pace. Not me, really. I haven’t accelerated at all. In fact, I might have lost a gear along the way. It’s barely mid-January, and I’m already in danger of being left behind. That’s nothing new. As I showed in my last blog, had a blast at the end of December shooting underwater production for a Kelby class. During that same visit to Tampa, I also shot a light shaping class. Definitely fun. The below was shot with an Acute 2400ws unit outside this abandoned warehouse, some strategically placed holes in…

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A Gift at the End of the Year…

Everybody’s got a bucket list, or something akin to it, I imagine. Photographer’s bucket lists are most likely pretty extensive. It’s not average, almost certainly. (That’s a presumption that any “average” bucket list exists, which is most likely not the case.) But, I guess what I’m saying is that a photog’s list is not just, “I wanna climb Everest!” It’s, “I wanna climb Everest and carry a drone up there and make aerials of the top!” “I wanna meet JLo!” Not enough, perhaps. “I wanna meet JLo and photograph her for the cover of Vogue!” Obviously, there are most likely…

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All!

Into the woods! Fog and rain by us this Christmas. Not at all like the day below, when I made the shot below, of my kids, years ago, just in from the snow. Saw both of them today, all grown up. So much to be thankful for. Home with Annie, made it through another year of making pictures. Best to all for the holidays and the new year. Much to be thankful for, much to look forward to. All best, and, as always, more tk…. The post Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All! appeared first on Joe

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The Gift of Organization

I’m not much of a computer person. I can use one, and get myself around, but the nuances, controls and finessing of these machines, which is second nature to some, elude me. Organization and knowledge of where things are is important though, as I generate a lot of pictures. So when the folks at Mylio asked me to beta test this new program (the name Mylio stands for “my life is organized”) I jumped at the chance. I was most recently set adrift by Aperture, and for me, PhotoShop and Lightroom are the deep end of the pool. This seemed,…

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LIFE just came out with a beautiful new book, an illustrated tome about the classy, exuberant life of Tony Bennett, singer and gentleman extraordinaire. Tony’s amazing career broke through many barriers, including those of anticipated longevity, the vibrance of an ongoing fan base, and the cultivation of new fans via innovative duets with a wonderfully eclectic group of collaborators from KD Lang to Lady Gaga. He remains vital and popular now, at the age of 88, singing and touring with the energy and dash of a youngster. This lovely hardcover is a fitting tribute to a talented man with a…

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The Power of a Returned Photograph

Dave Burnett is over in Dubai right now, working with Mohamed Somji and our dear friends at GPP. I have known David since the late 70′s, and have always stood back in awe as he amassed a visual archive that is the stuff of our collective histories. Got a wonderful email from him this morning that mentioned Ravi’s Restaurant. (I’m in Hong Kong, and bouncing off the walls of my hotel with the false energy of jet lag masked by a couple espressos.) Last year, I made a few portraits of the staff at Ravi’s, a wonderful restaurant

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