This Lens Does All That


A camera, with its lens, is nothing more than a hammer and nail. Create something with it. Do. Earlier this year while on a National Geographic assignment in Kazakhstan, the

Ethiopia, Journal III — I Need a Bath

Disclaimer: The following are personal accounts of my travels the last month and represent my own opinion based on experiences and observation. By no means do I suggest that hygiene is unimportant nor unnecessary. The references to the history of bathing were garnered from websites and though surely there is far more information out there, […]

Out of Eden, Journal II — Expect the Unexpected

(Photographs on this blog, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are vignettes from the making of Out of Eden, photographed with an iPhone using the Hipstamatic lens/film combination of Jane and Sugar. The main photography will be published in the December 2013 issue of National Geographic magazine). Introduction All-embracing, this story is flowing far less problematic […]

Out of Eden, The Bags — Journal I

Rarely do I travel with more than one piece of check-in luggage. Maximum, one medium-sized rolling bag containing a few changes of clothing, loads of underwear, socks and a tube of toothpaste — airport security does not like such items anymore in carryon luggage. Thanks, Richard Reid…AKA, The Shoe Bomber. All minimalism is out with […]

Retina Revelations — A Photographers Perspective

(Note: This review was made testing a MacBook Pro 15-inch, 2.3 GHz with Retina display. Under the keyboard was 8 MB of RAM and 256GB flash storage — the introductory level MacBook Pro with Retina display) Prelude For those of you who know me — though my dear friend, fellow tractor owner and VII Photo agency Chairman, Mr. […]

Instagram — It’s About Communication

With discussions continuing on whether Instagram is just a fad or a publishing entity to embrace, thought it might be interesting to share the complete discussions I recently had with Olivier Laurent, editor of the prestigious British Journal of Photography. Last week he published a well written and researched article titled The New Economics of […]

Alan Lomax — Ethnomusicologist and Photojournalist

Normally, it can take weeks (even months) preparing a story for this space. I need time in my attempts to share something imaginative, hopefully insightful — or dare I reach as an offering towards a sliver of enlightenment — in an era when everything and anything is brilliantly rehashed on the Internet. This week I’ve […]

Becoming Binaural

Where the Hell Have I Been? Have come to the conclusion that feeding this blog will happen on event time, not calendar nor clock time. When having the ability to ponder, pen and present something meaningful, it will arrive. What has helped inspire me back onto the saddle of this beast — for what I sense […]

John Stanmeyer on Girl Power

The Amazing Yellow-Bordered Magazine — Part II by John Stanmeyer Nuts Some stories can be tough nuts to crack. Girl Power, in this months issue (September 2011), was one such