Fighting Fire With Fire

©Michael Yamashita

The Fourth of July is a day when members of fire companies all over the country, myself included, dust off their dress blues and shine up the trucks, in preparation

A New Year’s Workout

The new year brings resolutions, pacts with oneself to accomplish goals, quit bad habits, begin new ones, eat less, exercise more.  As I was taking stock on this New Year’s,

Yak Butter Blog

©Michael Yamashita

In this season of festive hospitality, I can’t help think about the many homes I’ve visited on assignment around the world.  Some of the most hospitable people in the world

All the Tea in China

©Michael Yamashita

Work on my latest book, Shangri-La: Along the Tea Road to Lhasa, took me to Yunnan Province in search of tea, one half of the equation of the Tea-Horse Road,

Shooting Shangri-La

©Michael Yamashita

Back in Shangri-La, working with ten talented photographers from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the USA at the first-ever Black Box International Photo Workshop.  One of the most brilliant marketing