Fighting Fire With Fire

©Michael Yamashita

The Fourth of July is a day when members of fire companies all over the country, myself included, dust off their dress blues and shine up the trucks, in preparation

A New Year’s Workout

On their way to Lhasa, pilgrims prostrate themselves every three steps. Having spent weeks on foot, the family still has nearly 300 miles to go on this thousand-year-old road.

The new year brings resolutions, pacts with oneself to accomplish goals, quit bad habits, begin new ones, eat less, exercise more.  As I was taking stock on this New Year’s,

Yak Butter Blog

©Michael Yamashita

In this season of festive hospitality, I can’t help think about the many homes I’ve visited on assignment around the world.  Some of the most hospitable people in the world

All the Tea in China

©Michael Yamashita

Work on my latest book, Shangri-La: Along the Tea Road to Lhasa, took me to Yunnan Province in search of tea, one half of the equation of the Tea-Horse Road,

Shooting Shangri-La

©Michael Yamashita

Back in Shangri-La, working with ten talented photographers from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the USA at the first-ever Black Box International Photo Workshop.  One of the most brilliant marketing