POYLATAM Winners in NYT Lensblog

Óscar Prieto, a survivor of a brain tumor, showed the scars from his operation. Madrid. Jan. 21, 2016. (First place in Portraits: Photographic Singles) ANTONIO HEREDIA   Please check out

La Batea: Impressions of Gold in Colombia

Friends,  Stephen Ferry’s Kickstarter project is in it’s last week… with your participation he and his sister can complete La Batea: Impressions of Gold in Colombia. La Batea documents artisanal gold miners, their craft,

Cotton Coulson: ‘Keep going’

 By David Griffin National Geographic photographer Cotton Coulson died in Norway the last week of May, after a scuba diving accident. (nppa.org) When I first entered close orbit around planet

“We don’t cherry pick anthropology… YO…”

I posted the photo below on @natgeo last night and there was an incredible amount of back and forth. My favorite comment was from @hellafordays: “this is a documentation of culture, which is what National Geographic does. Culture comes in every form, in every place. We don’t cherry pick Anthropology. yo.”   And, just to be clear […]