A tribute to Massoud

Massoud, leader of the Afghan resistance against the Russians until 1989, and his troups of Mujahideen Still reeling from the recent invasion of the Russian army, Afghanistan was supported by

The Shinghal liberation

Kurdistan Autonomous Region – Iraq, Shingal (Kurdish; Arabic : Sinjar) Some dates are marked by the echoes of events that have impacted our human family and which I endeavor to bear

World Refugee Day – 20 June

Kurdistan Regional Government-Iraq, Kawergosk Refugee Camp My name is Alan, Leila, Amir, Maria, Bashir, Malaika, Jose, Adel, Ali, Samuel, Samira, Mohammad, Janice, Nahom, Akol. My name is neither Migrant nor

World Press Freedom Day – 3 May

Iran, Kurdistan, 1980 Imagine for a moment that you are on assignment somewhere and you hear the deafening sound of a fleet of fighter planes; they are coming in to

Women, Between Battles and Grace

During the course of my reportages along the roads of the world over the last  thirty-five years, I have striven to encounter the women and men who embody our humanity.


TALK: The Power of Photography for Humanity Saturday, February 27, 2016 . 2:00pm – 4:00pm USC . Grace Ford Salvatori Hall (GFS) 106 Description: National Geographic photographer and explorer Reza

Between Lines and Spirals

During my susceptible youth, as a young student, I crossed swords with the architectural school in Tehran as they taught us about the construction of space. I sought a way

Liberty in all its Forms

As a child, I would spend hours playing with my brother, driving our little cars along the arabesques of the Persian carpets of our home. Our first visual universe was