How To Become A Pollinator Hero

The monarch butterfly is a declining species that we can save together by pledging not to use herbicides and pesticides on our lawns, and by planting milkweed for butterflies to lay their eggs on. Order your milkweed seeds and partially grown plants called ‘stems’ from or from your local plant nursery. Plant them and…

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Outtakes: Life on the Irrawaddy

In February, photographer Michael Yamashita traveled to Myanmar to document the Irrawaddy River for a story on the world’s great waterways for Nature Conservancy magazine. The river splits the country


Fl 242, Løkken, Denmark

Professional photographers and amateurs around the globe are invited to participate in the Alfred Fried Award 2017 (@alfredfriedaward). In partnership with UNESCO, the Photographische Gesellschaft (PHG) in Austria and Edition Lammerhuber, this award annually recognizes the world’s best photograph depicting peace. The five finalists will be invited to Vienna, Austria. There the winner will be […]


Nos complace informarles que el fotógrafo portugués Daniel Rodrigues fue declarado Fotógrafo Iberoamericano del Año por un jurado internacional compuesto por los siguientes jueces. La lista completa de los ganadores

Photo Ark Zoo Exhibitions Open for Summer 2017

    Zoos across the country are going to be seeing even more animals this summer! The images of National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore’s Photo Ark project will be displayed at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo, the Dallas Zoo and the Cincinnati Zoo starting in April and May. The Photo Ark project was created to bring audiences…

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‘Social Star’ Joel in Forbes

  Joel and the Photo Ark recently caught the attention of Forbes, which included him in “How 10 Social Stars Use Their Influence for Good.” Here’s what they had to say: When National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore noticed the perilous state of many endangered species, he decided to document them before it was too late. Instagram proved the…

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Party in Nairobi

Nairobi 2004. My photo essay about a new Africa for NatGeo Magazine. At a Nairobi party a 23-year-old lawyer, Khadija Hassan Kanyare, stands ready to make a difference. “My grandparents had to put up with colonialism,” says Hassan Kanyare. “Now we have to put up with with dictators who bully and berate people who have […]