This Lens Does All That

A camera, with its lens, is nothing more than a hammer and nail. Create something with it. Do. Earlier this year while on a National Geographic assignment in Kazakhstan, the

Parade Pictures by George Georgiou

I was very taken by the parade photographs by George Georgiou in yesterday’s New York Times Magazine. Especially those that ran large, spread over two pages. And in black and white. There is so much going on in these pictures of people gathered in big and little towns to view passing parades.

Quiet fog

Less than a week ago I was shooting all night beach party pictures in Mexico. Now I’m in the fog in the quiet forlorn bleak winter beauty of the outer banks NC. Oh yeah 2 days of Rome are within this same week. Whew! So yea I’m into soft non moving shapes that are right

At home hanging

It’s impossible for me to take the night “off” ..nor anytime a “vacation”. Vacation from what? So I’m always playing at home mostly with the iPhone as here .. Snapshots, experiments, mindless shooting, the occasional keeper..I’m addicted to shooting I think..a bit weird really..the only stress comes from switching from shooting passion to editing and […]

The March of Women

It was my intention to write about the wonderful party we attended last evening. Who doesn’t love Diana and Mallory Walker. In addition to being gracious and elegant they are the World’s Cutest Couple.It was a birthday party for Diana. All her and our friends, family and colleagues gathered to wish her continued joy. That’s what I intended do before “The Women’s March.”

We The People: Public Art For The Inauguration and Beyond

In the Citizen’s Almanac, given to all new Americans, it is said that the only position higher than the President is the People.
What a great day to remember that.

#WeThePeople are #GreaterThanFear, we will #DefendDignity, and we will #ProtectEachOther. Back page of the @washingtonpost. Pick up a copy and carry it into the streets!!! @obeygiant and @amplifierfoundation

Brian Skerry Wins Photographer’s Photographer Award

The following text is from George Steinmetz’s award presentation:

There is no greater honor than to be recognized by ones peers, especially in a crowd like this. The award is for the photographer who has most inspired us by expanding the possibilities of our medium. This definition is purposely vague, as what inspires is always the unexpected.

The Last Man: On the Moon

He was a tough guy to track down. I was assigned by ZEIT magazine to photograph the “Last Man on the Moon”… Eugene Cernan was the last man up the ladder to the Lunar Excursion Module in 1972 – Apollo XVII. It’s hard to imagine now that what would have gone on next – Apollo XVIII – was cashiered because of money issues.

Those Natty Ole Reporters

Photographers make photographs for Memory. We want to remember a place, a person, a moment, whether it’s warm, wonderful and uplifting, or something horrible on the other end of the human scale. For while we may not always change many opinions, there is certainly nothing to be gained by the willful disrgarding of history, of the past, or even what happened yesterday. This year has been full of what seemed like “one of…” moments. I was watching TV live the day that Donald Trump said of John McCain that he preferred heroes who hadn’t been captured. At that moment I was convinced that his campaign was over, finished, unable to recover from yet another crazy comment. But, of course, as we all learned, his campaign might have been the called the campaign of “one of’ moments: they just kept coming for the whole 18 months. And each time you would recoil, or laugh in disbelief.

Robert Clark – Evolution


Robert Clark Evolution The word Evolution jumps out at us, it scares and divides us. I see it as something that unites us. Natural Selection is the mechanism that drives evolution, and the evidence is everywhere; it surrounds us. I see it in the beautiful fossils (crinoids on page???) of my youth in Western Kansas, […]