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Digital Vision in Low Light, Lecture at PDN PhotoPlus Expo

Capturing quality images at extremely high ISO’s is one of digital technology’s most important advances—particularly in the areas of photojournalism and documentary photography. In this seminar, Gerd Ludwig will discuss how these developments provide huge advantages in low light situations and offer greater physical mobility during difficult assignments. Ludwig will show how extremely high ISO digital capture has made handheld strobes a more powerful tool and will share his use of natural light combined with hand-held flash to emphasize his message, offer a sense of place, maintain atmosphere and create a personal vision.
Ludwig’s stories for National Geographic exemplify his

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Here’s some links to a workshop and an evening presentation I’m doing in New Orleans next month, November 9th to 14 with a special evening presentation November 15.
I’m very much looking forward to a return to New Orleans. It’s been quite a while since I’ve been there. I’m eager to experience some great food and some wonderful picture opportunities. And my friends at Rear Curtain have all the right spirit and enthusiasm to make this quite special.…

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Ten Questions with Tim Laman

Here is a recent interview I did for a Singapore newspaper. Since I get many questions about my background and my photography, I thought I would share it here. Hope you enjoy it!

  1. What is your earliest memory of travelling? How did it inspire you?

My earliest memories of traveling are going by ship across the Pacific Ocean from San Francisco to Japan with my family when I was 4 years old in 1965. My parents lived and worked in Japan when I was growing up, so we traveled a lot back and forth from Asia to the States and

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Available Light? Guilty!

It might be called, PICTURES YOU MIGHT NOT HAVE THOUGHT I’VE MADE. My first one man show opens this coming Friday, Oct. 3rd, at the Monroe Gallery in Santa Fe, and pretty much the sum of a life behind the camera will be on the walls. A total of 54 images, give or take a couple that there might not be space for.

So, over the years, I’ve done flash portraits, flash sports action, flash production. I’ve lit telescopes. I once lit the main building of Ellis Island, fer chrissakes, offering up my humble skills to the great …

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Healthcare in the US: Money, Morality & Mandates

In conjunction with the Westheimer Peace Symposium, “Healthcare in the US: Money, Morality & Mandates,” Ed Kashi (VII) and Julie Winokur of Talking Eyes Media, will be involved in a series of events at Wilmington College… October 13 & 14, 2014.  Ed will be exhibiting a selection of images from Aging in America in the Harcum Art Gallery and the opening reception will take place on October 13th at 6PM.

On Tuesday, October 14, Ed will be speaking about his and Julie Winokur’s collaborative film Denied: The Health Care Crisis in America at 10:15AM. “Drawing on his

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Reminder to Apply: The Nieman Fellowship

The Nieman Fellowship
The Nieman Fellowship program is the oldest and best-known study program for journalists in the world. More than 1,300 journalists from 91 countries and territories around the world have come to Harvard for a year of learning, exploration and fellowship.
For more information visit:…

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ICP & Climate Change

What does the environmental movement need from the photographic community?
As part of the International Center of Photography’s Fall 2014 Programming series, ICP Talks: Climate Change, Ron Haviv (VII) took part in the first panel Photography and the Environment 1: The Concerned Photographer yesterday. Haviv is also kicking off the ICP Instagram campaign on climate change by posting images from his project “Amazon Gold” about illegal gold mining in Peru this week on the ICP feed. Click here to follow:

Ed Kashi (VII) will be included on the second panel discussion and presentation Photography …

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A Quick and Simple TTL Build

Firefighters. They share, along with cowboys, an innate ability to simply step in front of a camera and become a photograph. Henry, of the Soufriere Fire Department in St. Lucia, has a look, a presence, if you will, that speaks to the camera.…
To do this portrait, I made some camera moves before I even put it to my eye. When doing what one might call a “formal” portrait, I’ve always enjoyed a more blocky type of aspect ratio. Don’t know exactly why. It might hark back to film days when I shot a lot of 6×7 and square medium

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Photo Workshop in Cambodia and Laos

Imagine yourself in one of the world’s greatest archeological destinations, the Temples of Angkor Wat. We’ll spend 3 days exploring these mythical temples, the fast-paced energy of Siem Reap and the outrageous Cambodian Circus, Phare. Midweek, we’ll head to the UNESCO town of Luang Prabang, Laos, a perfect blend of South East style paired with French Colonialism. Travel with us down the mighty Mekong River, photograph the daily alms ceremonies with the monks and spend time with local artisans in their village. Hands on technical classes and daily critiques will take your photography to the next level.
Date: February 8

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