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Winner – Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2016!

I’m pleased to announce that, once again, one of my photograph is among the winners in the Wildlife Photographer of the Yearcompetition! A very special image indeed: I took this photograph – ‘Spirit of the mountains’ – near my home, in my beloved Valsavarenche in Italy’s Gran Paradiso National Park.

‘Spirit of the mountains’ (© Stefano Unterthiner). Winner – Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2016

I created this image during a long-term assignment for National Geographic magazine, and it is displayed in my latest book Il sentiero perduto (Ylaios, 2015). With this photograph I wanted to capture the magic of this wild, wonderful region – the mountains of my childhood, for which I’ll keep fighting for more protection.

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In the Hot Zone: CKDnT in Sri Lanka

PhotoReporters Festival 2016

St. Brieuc, France


The 2016 PhotoReporters crew.

I just returned from Brittany, France where the 5th edition of the PhotoReporter Festival opened on October 1st. It was a treat to spend time with the other photographers who also grants from PhotoReporter and were exhibited in St. Brieuc, which is a picturesque seaside town along the coast of Brittany. I must thank the organizers of this grant and festival for their commitment to photo reportage. This kind of support for documentary photography and photojournalism plays an essential role for photographers who are established as well as for those early in their career.he financial support and affirmation to carry on with our personal projects is greatly appreciated. I was one of 9 photographers who received this opportunity. In my case it facilitated further exploration of my ongoing personal project which looks at the global CKDu epidemic, or Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown Causes. CKDu is a public health crisis as well as a devastating disease that affects individuals and their communities. It is spreading amongst poor rural workers in the hot zones of the globe. You can read more below, but this grant allowed me to extend this

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Tim to Speak at Wildscreen

On Friday October 14 Tim will speak at Wildscreen’s photography day.  He will give an innovative presentation about his long term project photographing wild Orangutans and the conservation issues surrounding them.  Here is Wildscreen’s webpage for the photography day where you can purchase tickets to Tim’s talk.



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A tribute to Massoud

TPS NL_unnamed
Massoud, leader of the Afghan resistance against the Russians until 1989, and his troups of Mujahideen

Still reeling from the recent invasion of the Russian army, Afghanistan was supported by a puppet government.

The formidable and much-dreaded Russian army, a hundred thousand-strong, had invaded cities and villages, cut off roads and rivers, bombarded all places of resistance. Put to fire and sword, the whole country seemed prostrate, mourning its dead. Yet, in a most absolute discretion, resistance organized itself. Willing to face the countless Russian soldiers, a young civil engineer, Ahmad Shah Massoud, had walked from one village to another, gathering together one hundred loyal men who would overcome the invading force, just as he had assured. Trained by Massoud, these Mujahedeen then transmitted what they had been taught to hundreds of others, therefore forming a strong army.

As he became a real strategist, Massoud’s fight for the Afghan people changed the course of History and put an end to the Russian Empire that led to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

On September 9, 2001, two days before 9/11, two men engaged in a suicide mission and dressed as TV journalists assassinated him during a final interview.

Today being

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The Invisible Flash – PDN Online

Moscow At Night

This month, Gerd Ludwig was interviewed by David Walker, Executive Editor at PDN, about his upcoming lecture “The Invisible Strobe – Updated” at next month’s PhotoPlus Expo in New York City.

In Walker’s video, he explains how he incorporates small, handheld flashes into his photos to create an evenly balanced look in the final photograph. The lecture follows the release of the German edition of minus 2/3: The Invisible Flash by dpunkt.Verlag and precedes the release of the US edition by Rocky Nook, scheduled for this December. Watch the full video here.

Registration is still open for “The Invisible Strobe – Updated.” The first 100 people to register through the link below will receive 20% off. Register here.

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Last Rabbs’ fringe-limbed tree frog passes away

Extinction is Forever

“Toughie”, the world’s last Rabbs’ fringe-limbed treefrog, has died. The very last of his kind, this means the species is now extinct.

Let’s hope with this historic event, we will finally stop and pay attention to the extinction crisis, not only for the sake of imperiled amphibians, but for humanity as well. After all, as they go, so do we.


Watch the video of Toughie, filmed at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens in January of 2013

Click here to view the embedded video.

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Dpunkt.verlag publishes German edition of Minus Two Thirds


Gerd Ludwig’s German edition of his new book “Minus 2/3 Reportage- und Straßenfotografie mit dem unsichtbaren Blitz – Eine Meisterklasse” will have its official launch this week at PhotoKina.

More than 20 years ago, he began incorporating small handheld flashes into his photography with the aim of creating an evenly balanced look in the final photograph. These small flashes also alleviated the burden of carrying heavy equipment and allowed him to be flexible and inconspicuous when moving around in the field. Over the years, he has refined his use of small flash to hone his technique even further. The flash appears so subtly in the final image that it is easily mistaken for natural light — hence an invisible flash.

A book signing is scheduled for 11am this Saturday, September 24 at the dpunkt.verlag stall, located at Hall 4.1 Booth C27/D24. We hope to see you there!

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PhotoKina 2016

Pripyat, Ukraine

Gerd is honored to be stepping in for Jim Brandenburg in connection with his exhibition “A Pristine Vision” at this year’s PhotoKina in Cologne, Germany. Jim is an internationally renowned film maker, National Geographic photographer, environmentalist and has published numerous best sellers.

In Jim’s words:

“This week National Geographic Germany is sponsoring my retrospective exhibit ‘A Pristine Vision’ at Photokina, the world’s premier photo expo in Cologne, Germany. My plan was to do a presentation on Thursday, Sept. 22, but after climbing on a glacier recently in the Swiss Alps while filming for a new movie, an injury progressed into the need for a minor medical procedure which prevents international travel. I will share more about the new movie later. Gerd Ludwig, a National Geographic colleague with much experience and many stories will be filling my time slot.”

Gerd’s talk and image presentation titled “Winds of Change” will be held this Friday, September 23 at Passage 4/5 Stand A 31, beginning at 8pm. The presentation will follow an awards presentation for National Geographic Deutschland’s ‘Photo of the Year’ contest that Gerd helped judge this summer.

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Just 8 Years Ago….

It was 8 years ago this week that i received a phone call from Katie Ellsworth, then the Washington photo editor of TIME Magazine.  I had worked for TIME over five decades, covering politics, business, general news stories, and the occasional gig at the White House.  Her call was to see if I could make it early the following morning, to do a portrait of the Secretary of the Treasury Hank Paulsen, the former chief of Goldman Sachs (did someone say “revolving door?”) who had been the Treasury chief for two years.   We were in what seemed to be a roiling in the credit markets, and an incredibly fast-moving series of collapses of some of the biggest and most noteworthy financial institutions in the country.  (I wonder why they are always “financial institutions” instead of “financial companies” – I guess because we think they will always be there.)  In the middle of that September, Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns each disintegrated within days of each other, turning billions of dollars into nothing more than mere dust. And not Gold dust.  Just dust.  As if the country was the Titanic, and one by one, bulkheads popped, letting waves of seawater rush …

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