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Language of Hands

Behold the hands
how they promise, conjure, appeal, menace, pray, supplicate,
refuse, beckon, interrogate, admire, confess, cringe, instruct, command, 
mock and what not besides, with a variation and multiplication of
variation which makes the tongue envious.
– Michel de Montaigne
Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan
Bamiyan, Afghanistan
Havana, Cuba
Author Mary Brown Ward, Alabama, United States
The hands which beckon,
embrace, soothe, and comfort us
Bid us farewell.
United States

Hands calm us, feed us, and scratch our backs.
They intimidate, bless, encourage, and stop us.  They soothe and caress.
They draw our attention to the good and the bad, often suggesting

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California: Paradise Burning

Featured today on the New Yorker a collaborative film, “California: Paradise Burning” by Ed Kashi (VII) and Matt Black gives a deeper and personal look at the severe drought in California. Black and Kashi recently connected with the farmers and shepherds of the Central Valley, documenting their ongoing struggles as they face the serious drought conditions plaguing California.

“Since 2012, California has been suffering through a historically severe drought. For the farmers of the Central Valley, which is, as Dana Goodyear writes in this week’s issue…, “the country’s fruit basket, salad bowl, and dairy case,” the future

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Gueorgui Pinkhassov and his daughter Alexandra in Venice.

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Erich Salomon Award Ceremony, Lectures, and Chernobyl Exhibition at Photokina

At this year’s Photokina in Cologne, Germany, Gerd Ludwig will be honored with the Dr. Erich-Salomon Award, the highest lifetime achievement award in photojournalism given in Germany by the DPGh (the Germany Photographic Society, see more info here). At the award ceremony, Peter-Matthias Gaede, the former editor of German GEO Magazine will give the laudatory speech about Gerd’s work. The award ceremony will take place in the Leica Hall, which will also be home to an exhibition of Gerd Ludwig’s The Long Shadow of Chernobyl 20-year retrospective.
Additionally, Gerd will participate in a panel discussion with the new editor of…

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Profoto B1′s in the Studio

After PhotoShop World, I stayed in Vegas, which is home base for amazing athletes and performers, such as Manu, above. I did more experimentation with the Profoto B1 units, and made some more strides with the Nikon TTL… version of the air remote. I’ll post more material in the next couple of weeks, but the B1 itself has been a wonderful light to play with. I know they are principally designed for location, but we took them into the studio and experimented in a very controlled way. Really enjoying the control of these lights, and the design. Battery life

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Another Nine Eleven

There is something quite extraordinary about today.   The numbers 9/11 (always pronounced nine-eleven) will never have another meaning for those of us who were of a certain age — anyone over 10 I suspect — 13 years ago.  Our friends and colleagues in the city have each a story as riveting as the next.  It was the day that horror visited the country on a scale not known by anyone who wasn’t old enough to remember World War II.  Listening on the radio to MSNBC’s live minute-to-minute rebroadcast of the Today show of that morning retold the story in a…

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That Day Again….

In the aftermath, a long time ago now, at the Giant Polaroid studio on the Lower East Side, Harry Davis, a firefighter with Squad 18, got up on the podium, closed his eyes and cradled his axe like it was a newborn.
It remains a favorite photo, from a difficult time. Today, all over the city and elsewhere, there will be pause. I will stop by Ladder 9/Engine 33, as I always do, and stand to the side as they ring the bells. I remain honored to have met these amazing people, and to have made a few pictures. Because

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​”De-extinction”: Bringing species back from the dead

When I was a boy, I had a Time-Life book called ‘The Birds’. In it was a section showing the few U.S. species we’d already lost to extinction; the great auk, the Carolina parakeet, the heath hen. The biggest picture though was reserved for the passenger pigeon.
Watch the De-extinction photo essay on the CBS Sunday Morning Show.…
Once numbering three billion or more, this species flew in vast flocks, passing overhead for days at a time. Witnesses described seeing a ‘feathered river in the sky’.
Our hungry, growing nation also saw them as delicious and inexhaustible, and hunted them to

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2014 Alexia Foundation Women’s Initiative Grant Recipient

The Alexia Foundation has announced Mary F. Calvert is the recipient of the 2014 Women’s Initiative Grant. Calvert is an independent photojournalist based in the US and will be using the $25,00 grant funding for her project “Missing in Action: Homeless Female Veterans.”

The Alexia Foundation quotes …Calvert’s proposal, “Female veterans are the fastest growing segment of the homeless population in the United States and are four times more likely to become homeless than civilian women.” Yet the Department of Veteran’s Affairs is ill equipped to address the issues faced by female veterans, many of whom are mothers and single

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