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Visual Storytelling in Europe

Workshops have become an integral part of my work, and speaking from this experience, there is no better workshop facilitator than Veronique Sutra, the founder and director of Eyes in Progress. I have just completed my third workshop with her, this one taking place in Barcelona, Spain. What I appreciate and respect about Eyes in Progress is the consistent rigorous expectations for the participants and the follow through of Veronique’s structure, which provides high level reviews of the participants’ portfolios.

This year VII Photo has created a partnership with Eyes in Progress to produce four workshops in 2015,…

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The Boys of Summer, or, Thank Goodness Winter’s Over….

This Terminator of a winter finally fades as a memory. It was indeed like a movie monster who wouldn’t die, who rose up again and again, for one last kill or thrill. I’ve still got a pile of filthy ice and snow in the shadows of my driveway. I walk past it gingerly, lest I wake it. The bitter winter, combined with the fact that I couldn’t honestly tell you anything about anyone who starts for the Knicks, has made the crack of a bat and the slap of a ball hitting a glove welcome noises indeed. Prospects of success…

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Anatomy of a Photoshoot: The DigiTech

I do a lot of different types of shoots in every environment imaginable. The one constant throughout is that I could not do what I do without a seriously badass team. From DPs to PAs, everything needs to be locked down, buttoned up and team-oriented. Personality-wise, I like people who work well under pressure, can adapt on the fly, and are always professional. The ability to stay calm, upbeat and fun to hang out with is key, too, especially if you’re talking about a shoot that lasts a week or more. These shoots are supposed to be fun!   So,…

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ABC News: California’s Drought Plan

    Featuring images by Ed Kashi (VII), an article on ABC News takes a deeper look at California’s recently announce water restrictions plan. Although California’s agricultural sector yields a large majority of America’s produce, critics are questioning why the focus of the new water restrictions. “It is striking that [Gov. Brown’s] executive order refines restrictions to the urban sector that consumes only 20 percent of California’s water and leaves the agricultural sector, which consumes 80 percent of the water, untouched at least for the moment,” said Mark Hertsgaard, an environmental journalist and author who lives in San…

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BDC Portfolio Review

Ed Kashi (VII) will be among a line up of photographers, editors, and directors to be giving portfolio reviews at the Bronx Documentary Center on May 2, 2015. Participants can register to have their work seen during five one-one-one sessions with the industry’s leading professionals. The event will take place from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm at the BDC in the Bronx, NY. Space is limited and advance registration is required. Registration is $300, ($250 with a valid Student ID). Register by April 27th to ensure you will beet with some of your top choice editors. More info…

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Kaya Lee Berne, my all around keep my life straight first assistant, has come to my home to help me set my darkroom for the 100 8×10 prints I will personally print for the limited edition version of my upcoming Tell It Like It Is. While we are mixing chemicals for the darkroom we are here testing the Leica Monochrom up against the Fuji x100T set on b&w mode. This Instagram shot is the Monochrom shot which does have a file the Fuji cannot match . Right out of the camera the monochrome looks like an exhibition print yes even…

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Lois Liggins

An exhibition life sized test print hangs on my door at home. That’s Lois Liggins,7,in 1967. Lois and I are friends again now. She was the cover subject for the original Tell It Like It Is and now the cover for the new reprint coming any day now . I am starting to print for a show for the upcoming Look3 photo fest. I am hoping Lois, now 56, will join me at #look3 #tellitlikeitis

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Emerging Photographer Fund 2015

Photo ©Vivian Maier Vivian Maier was a remarkable woman. When this self portrait was made Vivian was 29. An emerging photographer nobody knew. Vivian is to be admired for her self deprecation. She just took pictures. She worked from the heart. In the spirit of Vivian, who worked unaided by any publication or commercial shooting, I set up the Emerging Photographer Fund in 2007 to support exactly this kind of person. Someone who could use the funding to work on a project built from the heart. Young photographers like Vivian are out in the world now struggling  to earn a…

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Broad Light, Narrow Light

From the same light shaper. When Gary Astill, the peerless designer at Lastolite and I were brainstorming, I mentioned the quality of light translating through a Lastolite Skylite panel was always quite nice, but it was occasionally too much light. The source, a diffuser panel, is basically a 40′ square. It would often envelope the subject, sometimes in lovely fashion, but other times, it could have a tendency to swamp the subject, flooding them with too much light. I have an active imagination and I had visions of the subject drowning in light, gurgling something like “Use a more narrow…

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