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Adobe – First Sponsor of The Photo Society

I am pleased to announce that Adobe Systems has become a partial sponsor of The Photo Society.  

More about this relationship will follow, but we are now able to offer readers of the TPS blog a special discount on Adobe Lightroom software.  This is lowest price that this software is available anywhere that we know of.

Details will follow in a special edition of the newsletter. So sign up for the newsletter if you want to get promo codes every now and then from Adobe.


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Citizen Journalists – Everyone has a Smart Phone

Citizen Journalists – Everyone has a Smart Phone

This is a post from Maria Purdy Young’s site about citizen journalism. She quotes Stanley Forman WCVB-TV who, as a still photographer, won three Pulitzer prizes and now realizes as a video journalist that if he is late to a scene he needs to find someone who was there – in the moment – with a camera phone.

“There’s a bit of an exploitative relationship between citizen journalists and news organizations. You have to know enough to ask before you can get paid.” — Steve Myers, Managing Editor,

“It certainly has swung too far in one direction. Whether it’ll ever swing back or not, I don’t know.” –Stanley Forman, Photojournalist

When an amateur photographer stumbled onto an accident scene in 1953 and snapped a photo of a man being rescued from the side of a bridge, she was considered a witness. She was awarded $10 for winning The Sacramento Bee’s photo competition that week, and later won a Pulitzer Prize for spot news photography. Today, Virginia Schau would be called a citizen journalist, and she would have thousands of eager, unpaid colleagues in the United States, perhaps millions around the world. She would be a source of …

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Why Being Busy Can Mean Being Broke

This is from Justin Mott’s blog:

I’m not some elder statesman and I’m a very youthful 32 years old with only about 5 years as a true professional. I do however get quite a few emails from photographers just getting started in the freelance business trying to figure out what their fist step should be. I’m going to start a column dedicated to them. It will be a mix of my thoughts, emails I receive, and just ridiculous rants that I need to get off my chest. Not sure what to call it but for now I’ll go with “Now What?” because I feel a lot of these photographers graduate and they aren’t really sure what’s next. I also welcome guest columnist so if you have any advice for the newborn freelancer please feel free to write to me.

Why Being Busy Can Mean Being Broke

When I first started off in SE Asia things were slow and when they finally picked up I went broke. So you save up (or charge) for the right set up of gear; macbook pro, one or 2 DSLR’s, L Series lenses, a sweet bag line up, insurance, website fees, etc. You are …

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We have no budget for that… but…


I’ve had four calls or emails today with well funded NGO’s and companies asking for photographs but “we have no budget for that…”  We will give you a THOROUGH credit though…

I found a blog post that sums this up pretty well: Tony Sleep Photography in the UK

“No budget” is a euphemism for “we think photographers are mugs”. This offensive interpretation can easily be verifed by trying the phrase at your local restaurant, eg “I have no budget for dinner but I’d like to eat”. Adding a promise to tell all your friends where you ate will not deflect your head from the kerb as the manager throws you out.

Now imagine being a restaurant where most people who come through the door try this on. The answer is NO, and I am being excessively polite.

If you didn’t really mean it and your “no budget” claim was just an opening bid, the answer is still NO. I want nothing to do with greedy opportunists who try to commence a negotiation with a lie. You have already demonstrated you cannot be trusted. You probably won’t be honest about usage, and will try not to pay.

And if you …

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