Ghana follows in the footsteps of the Niger Delta

Christiane Badgley is reporting on Ghana and the Gulf of Guinea where oil companies are exploiting the region and leaving the local population vulnerable to environmental and economic disaster.   iWatch News (Center for Public Integrity) has a feature article and video out, as does the Pulitzer Center. In Christiane’s words “As many of you know, the Gulf of Guinea is one of the world’s offshore drilling hot spots. The industry is booming and hardly a week goes by without the announcement of some new discovery. Yet across the region there is not one single country prepared or equipped to deal with an oil disaster. Many Gulf of Guinea countries leave monitoring and oversight entirely in the hands of the oil companies. As one Nigerian commentator wrote, ‘The polluter is strangely in charge of the regulators‘.”

PHOTO: Christiane Badgley. “Fishing is all we know.” Abuesi in Ghana’s Western Region is one of countless villages along the Gulf of Guinea whose residents are entirely dependent on subsistence fishing.

PHOTO: Christiane Badgley. Ghanaian fishermen repairing nets at dawn. Oil is the latest threat to an already precarious way of life.