Healthcare in the US: Money, Morality & Mandates

In conjunction with the Westheimer Peace Symposium, “Healthcare in the US: Money, Morality & Mandates,” Ed Kashi (VII) and Julie Winokur of Talking Eyes Media, will be involved in a series of events at Wilmington College October 13 & 14, 2014.  Ed will be exhibiting a selection of images from Aging in America in the Harcum Art Gallery and the opening reception will take place on October 13th at 6PM.

On Tuesday, October 14, Ed will be speaking about his and Julie Winokur’s collaborative film Denied: The Health Care Crisis in America at 10:15AM. “Drawing on his work for the documentary film of the same title, Kashi will explore the reality behind America’s dysfunctional healthcare system and what it means when access to care is denied.  Kashi is a photojournalist dedicated to documenting the social and political issues that define our times.”

As part of a series of roundtable discussions, Julie Winokur will be showing the film Aging in America: The Years Ahead, and hosting a Q&A after the film. Aging in America is “a journey across the topography of aging in search of what it means to have a “good old age.” The film is the result of seven years of fieldwork by Julie Winokur, a writer and documentary film producer,” and photojournalist, Ed Kashi.

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