ICP & Climate Change

What does the environmental movement need from the photographic community?

As part of the International Center of Photography’s Fall 2014 Programming series, ICP Talks: Climate Change, Ron Haviv (VII) took part in the first panel Photography and the Environment 1: The Concerned Photographer yesterday. Haviv is also kicking off the ICP Instagram campaign on climate change by posting images from his project “Amazon Gold” about illegal gold mining in Peru this week on the ICP feed. Click here to follow: http://instagram.com/icp

Ed Kashi (VII) will be included on the second panel discussion and presentation Photography & the Environment 2: Visualizing Climate Change, on December 1st from 7:00-9:00pm. “Climate change is a complex phenomenon and climate science can be intimidating to the layperson. What kinds of photographs advance the arguments of climate change activists and scientists? How do photographers illustrate the root causes of climate change as well as its impact on the environment? Panelists include photographers Balazs Gardi, Ed Kashi, and Camille Seaman; and Gavin Schmidt, climate scientist and co-author of Climate Change: Picturing the Science.”

Join the conversation at one of the programs for “ICP Talks: Climate Change” this semester. Get involved by following as different photographers take over the @ICP Instagram feed each week, highlighting the effects of climate change on our world.