Just Another Photo Festival

Poulomi Basu of the VII Mentor Program, alongside Manik Katyal, CJ Clarke, Mohini Feya Dutta, and RZ Zaveri, is launching Just Another Photo Festival. This new and exciting all-India photography festival will democratize photography across the country. Screening the works of 150 photographers from over 35 different countries, Ed Kashi (VII) is among the roster of participating photographers.

Basu writes, “Photography has always been largely confined to spaces like art galleries and museums, which are inaccessible to a vast majority of Indians: we want to change that. We want to democratize photography in India. JAPF was started because we believe that access to photography should open, democratic and educational. We will show a range of work from social issues on education, gender, identity, conflict, human rights, health, environment and culture. Powerful, inspiring global photography should be available to all.”


The first edition will start in Delhi September 25-30, 2015, displaying photographs in free slideshow projections in public spaces such as, the middle of neighborhoods and slums.

More information: http://www.justanotherphotofestival.com/

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