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Fritz Hoffmann

Fritz Hoffmann is an American photographer who has earned international recognition for his documentary style narratives on a range of subjects that portray society, culture, the environment and global economics. Fritz is a frequent contributor to NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Magazine for which he has photographed features in China, Cambodia, Greenland and the U.S.A.

Fritz is recognized for his photography work in China. He was a resident accredited photojournalist based in Shanghai from 1995-2008. He studied Mandarin at East China University of Science and Technology and at Shanghai University Academy of Fine Art. He has photographed in each of China’s provinces and municipalities numerous times. China and the Chinese Diaspora continue to be a primary interest for Fritz.

Fritz established his place as a respected international photo-correspondent while working with JB PICTURES in New York. Under the JB banner, he moved his base of operations to Nashville, Tennessee just before the first term of US President Bill Clinton increased interest in the American South. He opened the NETWORK PHOTOGRAPHERS (UK), Shanghai bureau in 1997. In 2002, Fritz co-founded documentCHINA, a picture agency based in Shanghai with online distribution for documentary photography of China.

Born in Seattle, Washington, Fritz began photography as a kid hitchhiking across the Pacific Northwest. He honed his photography skills while slinging king crab in Dutch Harbor, Alaska and on cycling trips across the USA. He established his photography career with personal projects in the Middle East and El Salvador. He learned journalism by working at newspapers in: Seattle, Washington, Charleston, West Virginia and Knoxville, Tennessee.