Marco Vernaschi

Marco Vernaschi is an Italian media producer and social entrepreneur who developed a wide range of projects, ranging from investigative journalism and social documentary, to advocacy campaigns and fine art. He’s the founder of Biophilia, a startup B-Corp dedicated to fostering sustainability, conservation and cultural diversity. Marco is the recipient of numerous awards and was invited to join The Photo Society in 2015.

Marco Vernaschi is the founder of Biophilia, a startup B-Corp dedicated to foster sustainability, conservation and cultural diversity. He worked extensively across Africa, Asia, Central and South America shaping a variety of in-depth investigations, essays and awareness campaigns partnering with several organizations including the United Nations, the Pulitzer Center and National Geographic, among others.

Marco produced a set of projects with focus on Africa in collaboration with the Pulitzer Center, including Narco State, an in-depth investigation on narco-terrorism, Dying for Treatment, an awareness campaign on reproductive health in the Sub-Saharan region and, in 2010, Child Sacrifice, through which he exposed organ trafficking and ritual murder in Uganda.

Marco Vernaschi Biophilia

Through the previous years, Marco produced an in-depth survey on the aftermath of cocaine production and trafficking in Bolivia, and a set of projects with focus on wildlife crime and conservation working in Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Indonesia and India in collaboration with the CITES (United Nations). He also contributed to a number of surveys and essays partnering with ICTE (Madagascar), WCS, FFI and BVAR (Belize).

During 2011-13 Marco released two fine art projects that were featured worldwide in museums, private collections and art venues, including the Venice Biennale, Rome’s Museum of Contemporary Art (MACRO) and Tokyo Institute of Photography. He has been the recipient of numerous awards, including the World Press Photo, and was invited to join The Photo Society in 2015.