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A philanthropist, idealist, humanist, architect by training and famous photojournalist, primarily for National Geographic, Reza, lives to photograph another day. For the past 30 years he has travelled the world bearing witness to moments of war and peace. Crossing through more than one hundred countries, Reza photographs conflicts, revolutions, human catastrophes and the beauty of humanity. His eye-witness testimonies have not only been distributed throughout the international media (National Geographic, Time Magazine, Stern, Newsweek, El Pais, Paris Match, Geo…), but also in his books, exhibitions and documentaries created by his agency, Webistan.

Reza is not just a photographer. Since 1983, he has committed to training women and children, through world-wide workshops, in visual media and communications to help them strive for a better life. In 2001, he founded the NGO Aina in Afghanistan, a project dedicated to children’s education and to the training of Afghani women in media and communications. Reza continues to lead photographic-training programs around the world spanning from refugee camps in war-ravaged countries to European suburbs all while continuing to produce incredible images of original scenes from his travels for the international media.

After his 1998 Memories of Exile exhibition at the Carrousel du Louvre, Reza displayed his humanist vision in his 2003 exhibition Crossing Destinies on the gates of the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris. His One World, One Tribe exhibition was displayed in many cities throughout the world, notably, at Parc de La Vilette in Paris in 2010. In 2009, Reza’s exhibit War + Peace debuted at the Caen Memorial Museum in Normandy. Its success brought it to the Banks of Garonne in Toulouse in 2012. The same year in Doha, Quatar, the exhibition Hope, presented a grand retrospective of Reza’s work. This year, Reza is focused on dressing-up rich architectural sites in three cities of Corsica (Bastia, Corte and Bonifacio) with his exhibition, Windows of the Soul.

Also in 2013, Reza signed on to take photos for the 10-year anniversary of Nespresso’s sustainable quality program. The project entitled, Soul of Coffee, pays tribute to the women and men behind the coffee. The labour, dignity and tradition of the coffee growers are brought to life in 250 photo installations throughout the world. From June to November 2013, the photos will be displayed in huge public exhibitions on the banks of the Seine in Paris, and the Kew Gardens in London. The lives of these Indian, Colombian, Brazilian, Guatemalan, Ethiopian and South Sudanese coffee farmers and producers will be preserved in six short videos and photo book, available in seven languages.

The author of twenty-seven award-winning books and a fellow of the National Geographic Society, Reza received the World Press Photo award and the Infinity Award from the International Center of Photography in 2010 as well as distinctions from several American Universities. In 2005, he was honoured with the Medal of Chevalier of the National Order of Merit by the French State. Reza continues to capture and bear witness to the turmoil occurring around the world: “The world is my field of vision. From war to peace, like the ineffable moments of poetry, my photographs are intended to be testimonies of our humanity along the roads of life.”