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Broken Empire

Gerd Ludwig

China - Liaoning - Shenyang, Forced relocation of residents from Model Workers Village

Fritz Hoffmann


Bob Sacha

Part of the contents of one dip of a hand net - photographed on board the NOAA Ship Oscar Elton Sette, off Kona, Hawaii, September 20, 2006

David Liittschwager

Amazon River Dolphin or Boto, Rio Negro, Brazil

Kevin Schafer


David McLain

Libyan Revolutionaries 2011

Michael Christopher Brown

The Road to Nowhere

Dominic Nahr

Hunting whale on the boat Jan Bjorn in Lødingen, Lofoten, Norway.

Marcus Bleasdale


Ira Block

Tuareg family, Mali, West Africa

Joanna B Pinneo


Peter Menzel

Icebergs, Disko Bay, Greenland

James Balog

Wuwucun migrant village, mostly from SIchuan

Mark Leong

In the Syrian province of Latakia, a regime stronghold, a small village mourns the loss of a son. Killed in an ambush at the other end of the country. The lieutenant was the first soldier to fall from this village of 125 people.

Andrea Bruce

Rajasthan, India: Barefoot College helps to train women to build and repair solar panels. This woman, who has no formal education, now runs her own solar desalinization plant, bringing fresh water to her village.

Annie Griffiths

Mount Athos Hermit

Travis Dove


Cotton Coulson and Sisse Brimberg


Joe McNally

This female Mt. Lion pauses as she returns to feed on an elk killed two days previously.

Drew Rush


Amy Toensing

North Korea

Tomas van Houtryve

MM7189 20050430 24557

Jim Richardson

Roonui--Tattoo Artist

Bob Krist

MM7163-041123-02767 - Version 2

Tim Laman

Portrait of an Hutu refugee


A remote camera captures a radio collared cougar P-22 in Griffith Park.

Steve Winter


Mike Hettwer

Melford-07 1

Michael Melford

20100817120-221-TARGETED MASTER

Jack Dykinga


Luciano Candisani


Aaron Huey

A male often asserts his prerogatives. C-Boy feasts on a zebra while the Vumbi females and cubs wait nearby, warned off by his low growls. Their turn will come.

Michael Nichols

Coca, a visual response to a failed war011

Carlos Villalon


David Alan Harvey

Plane Crash Photo soc

Robert W. Madden


Vincent J Musi

A magnificent hummingbird pollinates an Elianthus orchid in the cloud forest of Western Panama.

Christian Ziegler


Jodi Cobb

Lemon sharks on Patrol by David Doubilet

David Doubilet

Passengers in a helicopter get their first glimpse of Lance from the air on their way in, to live on the ship for 6 weeks. It is still the polar night at this time of the year and the ship's searchlights are visible in the darkness. Cracks or leads can be seen separating the ice floes from one-another.

Nick Cobbing

A bison rests in the Yellowstone upper geyser basin.

Ken Geiger

Komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis) on the top of a hill before rain. Loh Buaya, Rinca island, Komodo National Park, Indonesia. Vulnerable IUCN

Stefano Unterthiner

CR Web Bajo-18

Cory Richards

Cedar Wright and Kevin Thaw on Kaga Tondo, Mali, Africa

Jimmy Chin

Weaver ants building nest, Malaysia

Mark W Moffett

Portfolio Remi Benali - TPS

Remi Benali

Giant Buddha head overlooks coal yard in NIngxia in western China.

Greg Girard

Tree-climbing is an unusual behavior for lions, but the pride in Ishasha in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda is famous for napping in trees during the day -- this male is just waking up at dusk.

Joel Sartore

Fiestas of the Ecuadorian Andes

Ivan Kashinsky

Village leaders walk through Inn Gaung Village illuminated by a solar panel energy system. Pindaya Township, Shan State.

Rubén Salgado Escudero


Steve McCurry

Kittiwakes resting on iceberg, Spitsbergen, Norway

Norbert Rosing


Stephen Ferry

Pronghorn migration river shadow

Joe Riis

Sumatran Rhinoceros

Robert Clark

In a brick-producing area outside of Dhaka that is marooned in floodwater, workers dig up bricks from under the surface.

Jonas Bendiksen

Wild Horses

Melissa Farlow


Charles O’Rear

Calabria, Italy, 1961

James P. Blair party and dj set at club Showcase under Ponte Alexandre III

Stephen Alvarez

The Hverfjall crater and the frozen Myvatn lake with full Moon. Iceland.

Erlend Haarberg and Orsolya Haarberg


Peter Essick

Syrian Refugees

Ed Kashi


John Stanmeyer

Sea Pens and Blue Cod underwater in New Zealand's Fiordland region.

Brian Skerry

Dead camelthorn trees, Sossusvlei, Namib-Naukluft National Park, Namibia

Frans Lanting

South Australia

Medford Taylor

The Heart of the Earth

Francisco Mingorance

Colorado River The Loop

Peter McBride


Martin Schoeller

2006-11-28-Mohakhali Korail Slum-1_0087

Karen Kasmauski

Speed Trials - Bonneville Salt Flats

David Burnett

©Michael Yamashita

Michael Yamashita


Lynn Johnson


Jay Dickman

PM Sahel 1 HD Rotatif Tchad Abeche Course cheveaux

Pascal Maitre

Soldiers from the U.S. Army First Battalion, 26th Infantry take defensive positions at firebase Restrepo after receiving fire from Taliban positions in the Korengal Valley of Afghanistan's Kunar Province. Spc. Zachary Boyd of Fort Worth, Texas, far left was wearing 'I love NY' boxer shorts after rushing from his quarters to join his fellow platoon members.

David Guttenfelder

American White Pelican (Pelecanus erythrorhynchos), Medicine Lake, Montana, USA

Klaus Nigge


Robin Hammond

Animal Mummies. Cairo, Egypt. Agricultural Museum. Scientic collections building.

Richard Barnes


Matt Moyer


Tyrone Turner

A person experiences the severe elements of wind and temperature on Mt. Washington's summit in winter.

José Azel

Beautiful Brains - October 2011 - NGM

Kitra Cahana

Venice Carnivale 2011

Dave Yoder


Kai Fagerstrom

Crossing Arabia's Empty Quarter

George Steinmetz


Ami Vitale

Michael George


Karla Gachet


Diane Cook and Len Jenshel


Catherine Karnow

Indus Valley, Randy Olson 07

Randy Olson


Flip Nicklin


Ian Nichols


Cameron Davidson


Andrew Parkinson


Kenneth Garrett

Martin Oeggerli Micronaut

Martin Oeggerli

Credit: Thomas P. Peschak/

Thomas Peschak

A Wakhi woman milks yaks at a shepherds' camp in the Big Pamir, Wakhan Corridor, Badakshan Province, Afghanistan

Beth Wald

A curious polar bear swam within 12 feet (4 meters) of Paul Nicklen to investigate his camp. “I didn’t have a gun,” says Paul, “which wasn’t a smart idea. But this ended up being an amazing situation to photograph.”

Paul Nicklen


Mattias Klum

Matthieu Paley

Matthieu Paley


Pablo Corral Vega


Yva Momatiuk and John Eastcott


Max Aguilera-Hellweg

TPS_Marco Vernaschi (0)

Marco Vernaschi

(c) Tommy Heinrich

Tommy Heinrich

Afghan Women

Lynsey Addario


Shaul Schwarz

Modest bungalow house is decorated with American flag to express

Nathan Benn

Climbers rest in a hanging camp on Great Sail Peak, Baffin Island, Canada.

Gordon Wiltsie

Child Marriage in India

Stephanie Sinclair

_69G9616 (1)

Charlie Hamilton James

Photo by William Albert Allard

William Albert Allard


Erika Larsen

Lava lake in Nyiragongo volcano, Dem. Rep. of Congo

Carsten Peter

Mitch Dobrowner_Rope Out

Mitch Dobrowner