Post 9/11 Reflections on NY

Today on National Geographic Proof blog, an article by Jessie Wender commemorates the 14 year anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks with reflections from seven Nat Geo photographers based in New York, including Ed Kashi (VII). Wender writes, “I wanted to know if New York had changed, and if so, how it was manifested visually. Their images and stories capture a city still haunted by absence, the contradictions of war and freedom, and joy and hope for the future.”


“I live in Montclair, New Jersey—at least the few months a year I am home from my travels as a photojournalist. About three miles away from my house is this beautiful spot, Eagle Rock Reservation, that affords an open and expansive view of the island of Manhattan. And right in the middle of that panorama is what has come to be known as Ground Zero in lower Manhattan. This is my favorite spot to go to catch my breath, have a romantic moment with my wife, chill with friends, and bring visitors to. What this special place also hosts is a memorial to the 9/11 victims, many of whom lived in New Jersey and some in Montclair. The black marble has the names of all the souls who perished that day, along with a piece of iron girder from the Twin Towers and memorabilia to commemorate the firefighters and police who also perished. It was a couple of years ago that I made this image. I was having a rough day and needed to find a moment of solace. For all the times I had visited this sacred spot I had never seen this view, which is strange, given that as a photographer I should see these compositions. What’s heartening is to see the then unfinished, new One World Trade Center vaulting up into the sky way in the distance. This site has become a place to remember, meditate, appreciate, and have hope for the future.” —Ed Kashi

Read the full post, including photos and reflections from George Steinmetz, Nina Berman, Robert Clark, and more.

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