Ridiculous iso 25600 with the Canon 5D MK III sample images


I’m still deep in the heart of a time lapse motion project, but while my 5D MK IIs have been running I’ve had the chance to experiment with the new MK III. So far all I can say is wow. The image above is an example. It is shot at 1/13 second at f 1.4 iso 25600. The thing is it is so dark that I could not even see the camera, I had to focus on the red led on the battery.

Check out the 100% detail below, this camera will open up photographic possibilities we haven’t even thought of yet. 



above iso 25600 at 100%

Obviously 25600 isn’t something that you could use all the time, but it could produce publishable images. Turn the iso down a little bit and the camera begins to really shine.

Check out iso 3200 below.


above iso 3200 f4 @ 1/30  


iso 3200 100% detail

Not bad huh? It only gets better as you go down.


above iso 400 1/500 sec @ f 4.5

The most obvious thing this camera might change for me is my cave lighting package. It can get a whole lot smaller because I can be working at iso 1600 instead of 400 where I am with the MK II. Big rooms won’t be the challenge that they were when I shot everything on Fuji Velvia. Early morning aerials are going to get less stressful as well. 

Stephen Alvarez

Sewanee, TN



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