Sancho: The Little Jeep that Could

Text by Ivan K
Photos by Karla and Ivan

Yesterday we traded you in for another.
You will always be remembered as the jeep that took us to the end of the world… and back.

Nobody thought you’d make it. You climbed the Andes of Peru in search of the Condor Gods. You choked on the dust of the Altiplano, resuscitated by a helpful and knowledgeable Bolivian man. You swam through the fingers of the Napo River and crossed the driest desert in the world. You battled the endless wind of the Patagonian roads and triumphantly crossed the Straight of Magellan. There we sat in the Land of Fire, peering out of your fogged-up windows, watching snowflakes fall from the sky. Together we smiled. We were half way through the longest journey of our life.

When there were no hotels, we rested our sleepy heads below your red roof. If we needed a better vantage point, we climbed up on your back feeling your metal indent below our dirty shoes.

You where there for us. With all our belongings inside you and more strapped on top, you were our faithful companion. For that we are in debt to you.

And now we’ve traded you for power steering and automatic windows. We’ve traded you for cushy seats and a bump’n sound system. Sancho, you must forgive us.
Believe us when we say, “Sancho, you will NOT be forgotten”.

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