“Sleeping Cars” Book on Spiegel.de

Sleeping Cars

This month, Gerd Ludwig was interviewed by Christoph Stockburger of Der Spiegel Online about his new book “Sleeping Cars” published by Edition Lammerhuber. “Sleeping Cars” will be released in Europe next week and in the US at the beginning of January. Preorder your copy here.

In the article, Gerd elaborates on the nuisances of his Sleeping Cars project and the inimitable connection the cars have to Los Angeles, his home for the last 20 years:

“Even when working for National Geographic, my documentary-journalistic photographs aim to touch the soul and broaden the mind… I am searching for vehicles that spark emotions… My late night scenes of cars sitting alone on streets in the dead of night possess an inherent mysterious quality, and bring to mind a forgotten movie set of a film noir, both so intrinsic to Los Angeles.”

“Occasionally, proud car owners will ask me if I want them to move or uncover their car for the photograph, but I generally don’t like them to disturb the cars in their slumber.”

Read the full Der Spiegel interview here.