FotoStation – Image Management

FotoStation is a professional image management tool designed to help you organize large image collections from your PC or Mac, and is available in 12 languages. It gives you control over the entire image life cycle and is widely used by pro photographers and picture editors alike.

You can use FotoStation to import and organize images, perform culling and image selections, apply and edit metadata (IPTC, Exif, custom), add copyright, release and license information, search, export and distribute your image files via email, ftp or http.

To save time and get the most out of using FotoStation, you should learn how to create and use actions and templates to automate the most repetitive parts of your workflow. Actions are both powerful to work with and easy to learn how to set up.

Take a moment to get familiar with using FotoStation. It comes with a free trial and you can download your copy below. All features available in FotoStation are well documented.

Enjoy FotoStation!

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