TECH CHECK: the race to watch

A look back to 1982′s festival celebrating new technology — the innovative mix of computers and entertainment at the time – created by Steve Wozniak of Apple Computer.

10 months ago, while looking into a digital companion version for the printed book Photojournalisms, we researched the app as compared to the eBook. At the time, there were only a handful of photography-book-apps in the marketplace (by Chris Anderson, Elliot Erwitt and George Steinmetz). Apps were fast becoming the next hopeful and the eBook was a long shot that stemmed from an old mediocre tech bloodline. Wired magazine called the eBook “the good enough revolution.” Both digitized versions brought with them pricing and distribution conundrums. For Photojournalisms we chose to utilize the app platform because of its greater propensity for interactivity and are happy to announce the recent launch of Photojournalisms – the App.

We decided to check in on the tech race today. In 10 short months, things can swing wildly when it comes to tech products and already there is a new contender to watch: the App v. the Enhanced eBook (HTML5).

Here are the pros and cons:


Apple takes 30% (con)

Controlled distribution/infringement protection (pro)

Gadget dependent viewing (con)

Lower resolution (con)

More techie gimmicks/interactivity (pro)

Lower average price point (con/pro)

More expensive to produce (con)



Multiple selling venue options and %’s (pro)

Harder-to-control distribution/little infringement protection (con)

Gadget independent viewing (pro)

Higher resolution (pro)

Less techie gimmicks/interactivity, for now (con)

Higher average price point (pro/con)

Cheaper to produce (pro)