The inside story by Ed Kashi

This image is incredibly important to me, especially in light of what has happened to too many of our colleagues in the past year. I was driving around Baghdad with Stephanie Sinclair, who had helped me get my feet grounded in Iraq in 2003, as she had been virtually living there at that point. We went out in a two car convoy with our fixers and ran into the middle of a fierce firefight between American forces on one side of the highway and insurgents hiding in the trees on our side of the highway. It lasted about 15 minutes and we both could have gotten killed. It bonded us for life.

“Photojournalisms” by Ed Kashi is derived from 20 years of journal entries and corresponding photographs about his life on the road. It was recently featured in The New York Times lens blog as well as reviews by Pro Photo DailyThe Guardian and is an experimental short film adaptation by Talking Eyes Media and a soon to be released app. Below are two images from the book with new commentary by Ed for The Photo Society. 
This image from Lahore taken just after a bombing reminds me of the nihilistic violence emblematic of the Taliban and forces in the Muslim world who are robbing their own people of peace and security. That image also brings home the innocent fear and vulnerability of kids, in this case of my journalist friend Badar, who are exposed to such violence.
For more information about the book and for ordering a hard copy — this is a small run of limited edition books — please refer to the publisher, Nazraeli Press.