Grants, Fellowships and Contests for Photographers

are a list of grants, fellowships, and contests that photographers may be
interested in. I’ve posted all of the available information. When deadlines
draw near I will again post a reminder. Please share.  


 Aperture Portfolio Prize

purpose of the Aperture Portfolio Prize is to identify trends in contemporary
photography and highlight artists whose work deserves greater recognition. When
choosing the first-prize winner and runners-up, Aperture’s editorial and curatorial
staff look for innovative bodies of work that haven’t been widely seen in major
publications or exhibition venues. Previous winners and runners-up include
Michal Chelbin, Latoya Ruby-Frazier, Alexander Gronsky, Sarah Palmer, and
Jordan Tate, among others. The first-prize winner receives $3,000 and has his
or her work exhibited at Aperture.

must be made by February 28, 2013. For guidelines, visit:


Exhibition Grant

The annual Conveyor Exhibition Grant is a unique opportunity
for photographic-based artists to engage with the community at Conveyor Arts to
curate, print, and hang a solo exhibition at United Photo Industries in Brooklyn,
New York. In the weeks leading up to the exhibition, recipients will have
consultations and printing sessions at Conveyor Studio in Jersey City. Grant
recipients will also have the opportunity to give an artist lecture in the
gallery during the exhibition dates, as to sit on the panel of the Conveyor
Exhibition Grant next year.

Apply by February 28, 2013. For guidelines, visit:


Image Creative Grants

Nonprofits need striking imagery and video to tell their
stories effectively. Beyond that, in order to stand out from the documentary
style traditionally associated with the nonprofit sector, they need innovative
and creative visionaries at their side to produce campaigns which elevate
awareness for their cause. This is why the Getty Images Creative Grants provide
two grants of $20,000 USD annually, shared equally between the photographer (or
filmmaker) and agency partner to cover costs as they work together to create
compelling new imagery for the nonprofit of their choice.

The Getty Images Creative Grants are designed to support
nonprofits which do not currently have the resources to employ photographers
(or filmmakers) and communications professionals but who understand how
breakthrough imagery and strategic thinking about communications are essential
to further their mission.

Grant recipients may use the entire award to offset shoot and
other campaign expenses, or donate all or part of the funds directly to their
charity and contribute their own time and resources to their campaign. At the
completion of the project, the photographer (or filmmaker), the communications
agency involved will be showcased, alongside the nonprofit who benefits from
their efforts, to the media and to our customers.

Feel free to contact us with questions about our Creative
Grants at 


Grants for Editorial Photography

We believe that photojournalism is a powerful tool for
telling compelling social, political and cultural stories. We also understand
that creating and managing world-class photography assignments requires time,
freedom, support and considerable resources.

That is why we continue to offer the Grants for Editorial
Photography, which in 2013 will provide five total grants of $10,000 each to
photojournalists pursuing projects of personal and journalistic significance.

Since its launch in 2005, the Grants for Editorial
Photography celebrate and support independent photojournalism, evidenced by the
many dynamic and compelling projects completed over the years. 

The Grants for Editorial Photography will be awarded through
our annual application proposal process, with applications being accepted
beginning April 1, 2013 and will require a 500 word summary of the project
proposal, a short bio, and 20-25 images. Specific uploading instructions will
be made available when the application portal is opened on April 1. 

Feel free to contact us with questions about our Grants for
Editorial Photography and the application process at . Or


New York Times Lens Blog
Portfolio Review

Review is a chance for a diverse group of 160 photographers to meet with
leading photo editors, museum curators, book publishers and gallery owners for
one-on-one portfolio reviews. It will also also be an opportunity for people in
the photographic community to meet, trade ideas and help each other. For free. 

will be screened, and because we’re sure many people will apply, the quality of
the work has to be high – nothing less than your best. The Review begins on
Saturday, April 13, and will be open to all photographers age 21 and up. Each
participant will have five or six private 20-minute meetings.

April 14, is for young photographers, ages 18 to 27, and will include both
portfolio reviews and workshops with leading professionals.

will screen all applicants and choose a total of 100 participants for Saturday
and 60 for Sunday. All kinds of photography – from fine art to photojournalism
– are encouraged.

more information please visit:


Dorothea Lange–Paul Taylor

announced a year after the Center for Documentary Studies’s founding at Duke
University, the Dorothea Lange-Paul Taylor Prize was created to encourage
collaboration between documentary writers and photographers in the tradition of
the acclaimed photographer Dorothea Lange and writer and social scientist Paul
Taylor. This year, the CDS is proud to re-launch the Lange-Taylor Prize, which
supports documentary artists who are involved in extended, ongoing fieldwork
projects that rely on and exploit, in intriguing and effective ways, the
interplay of words and images in the creation and presentation of their work.

winner will receive $10,000, a solo exhibition at the Center for Documentary
Studies, and inclusion in the Archive of Documentary Arts at Rubenstein
Library, Duke University. 

must be made by March 31, 2013. For guidelines, visit:


JGS Quarterly Photography

of Giving Something, Inc. (JGS) established in 2009 an ongoing international
quarterly contest that encourages artists to share their unique perspective.
Quarterly winners will receive $1,000 and their work will be featured in a solo
exhibition at the Forward Thinking Museum. Annual winners will receive the JGS
Artist Award in the amount of $5,000 and their work will be featured in a solo
exhibition at the FTM.

must be made by March 31, 2013. For guidelines, visit:


Inge Morath Award 2013

Magnum Foundation and the Inge Morath Foundation announce the 12th annual Inge
Morath Award. The annual award of $5,000 is given to a female photographer
under the age of 30, to support the completion of a long-term documentary
project. One award winner and up to two finalists are selected by a jury
composed of Magnum photographers and the director of the Inge Morath Foundation.

must be made by April 30, 2013. For guidelines, visit:


Audience Engagement Grant

Audience Engagement Grant supports photographers to take an existing body of
work on a social justice or human rights issue and devise an innovative and
effective way of using that work as a tool for social change. We are looking
for projects that serve as interventions on pressing problems and provide
concrete ways for photographers, organizations, and their target audiences to
create a positive impact.

by June 18, 2013. For guidelines, visit:


En Foco’s New Works
Photography Fellowship Awards

Foco’s New Works Photography Fellowship Awards is an annual program selecting
several U.S. based photographers of Latino, African, or Asian heritage, and
Native Peoples of the Americas and Pacific, through a free, national call for
entries. New Works helps artists to create or complete an in-depth photographic
series exploring themes of their choice, and provides the infrastructure needed
for national visibility and a professional exhibition of their new work in the
New York area. The goal is to identify and promote talented emerging and
mid-career artists, creating a cross-cultural dialogue and providing artists
with exposure and growth opportunities.

must be made by July 31, 2013. For guidelines, visit:


Magnum Expression Award

Photos and HP established the Magnum Expression Award in an effort to raise
awareness and inspire change through photography. There are no limitations on
the subject matter of your submission. The judges will be looking for
compelling projects that go beyond surface level to provide fresh and engaging
perspective on the chosen subject.

to enter is February 28, 2013. There
is no entry fee. For more information visit:


The 2013 Photocrati Fund

Photocrati Fund offers a $5000 grant to a photographer to undertake an
important humanitarian and environmental photography project. Our goal is to
identify outstanding photographers and to provide the resources necessary to
pursue projects that will have a tangible and positive effect on the world. 

2013 Photocrati Fund competition will be open from Tuesday January 15, 2013 –
Tuesday April 30, 2013. Following that time, the applications will be judged by
our panel of distinguished reviewers. The 2013 Photocrati Fund award will
be announced in late June 2013. The grant winner will become a Photocrati
Fellow for the calendar year from the announcement of his/her award until the
announcement of the following year’s award. 

The 2013 Photocrati Fund competition will run from
Tuesday, January 15, 2013 – Tuesday,
April 30, 2013
. There is no application fee. For more information visit:


Howard Chapnick Grant

1996 the W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund announced a new award, the Howard
Chapnick Grant, to encourage and support leadership in fields ancillary to
photojournalism, such as editing research, education and management. The Grant was
established to honor the memory of Howard Chapnick, and acknowledge the value
of his enormous contribution to photography. 

annual $5,000 grant may be used to finance any of a range of qualified
undertakings, which might include a program of further education, research, a
special long-term sabbatical project, or an internship to work with a
noteworthy group or individual. According to the Fund’s Board of Trustees,
special consideration will be given to projects that promote social change
and/or serve significant concerns of photojournalism. The grant is not intended
to be used for the production of photographs, which will continue to be funded
by the main grant of the Smith Fund.

Deadline is May 2013. For more information


Gene Smith Grant 

W. Eugene Smith Grant in Humanistic Photography is presented annually to a
photographer whose past work and proposed project, as judged by a panel of
experts, follows the tradition of W. Eugene Smith’s concerned photography and
dedicated compassion exhibited during his 45-year career as a photographic

W. Eugene Smith Grant in Humanistic Photography was established in 1978
following the death of Gene Smith, the legendary American photo essayist. It is
today the most prestigious honor in documentary photography. Every year it
recognizes a photographer who has demonstrated an exemplary commitment to
documenting the human condition in the spirit of Smith’s concerned photography
and dedicated compassion.

W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund, INC., a not-for-profit corporation qualified
under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, independently administers
the grant program that provides photographers with the financial freedom to
carry out or complete major photographic essays. For 2012, the amount of the
grant will be $30,000. An additional $5,000 in fellowship money will be
dispersed, at the discretion of the jury, to one or more finalists deemed
worthy of special recognition. Awards will be presented in a ceremony held in
New York City in early October.

deadline for the 2012 W. Eugene Smith Grant in Humanistic Photography is June 8, 2012. For more information


Pierre & Alexandra
Boulat Association Award

Pierre & Alexandra Boulat Association, created to promote the work of
Pierre & Alexandra Boulat and encourage the work of photojournalists has
created an award, supported by a CANON endownment of 8 000 euros which will be
given to a photo- journalist. 

award is presented to a professional photographer of any age, sex or
nationality who wishes to cover a social, economic, political or cultural issue
in a journalistic manner, on presentation of a dossier, including the documents
and works stipulated in Article 6. The Award is given in order to allow the
winner to produce a story that has never been told but that the photographer cannot
find support for within the media.

is free. The deadline is June 1st 2012
Application dossiers can be downloaded from agency VII website :


Environment Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Photographer of the Year harnesses the power of photography to promote the
discovery, understanding, and responsible enjoyment of the natural world. 

in its 49th year, the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition provides a
global showcase of the very best nature photography. The competition is
co-owned by two UK institutions that pride themselves on revealing and
championing the diversity of life on Earth – the Natural History Museum and BBC

The 2013 competition is open until 25 February 2013. For more information visit:


The Aftermath Project

Aftermath Project’s mission is to support photographic projects that tell the
other half of the story of conflict — the story of what it takes for
individuals to learn to live again, to rebuild destroyed lives and homes, to
restore civil societies, to address the lingering wounds of war while
struggling to create new avenues for peace.

is at the core of the Aftermath Project’s activities. Each year we open our
application process to working photographers, world-wide, who are pursuing – or
propose to pursue – long-term projects about the aftermath of conflict. The
grant application usually goes online in mid-August, and the application
deadline is in early November. Specifics are on the application form.

are judged first on the level of photographic skill demonstrated in the images
photographers submit with their applications. They are also judged on their
project statements, which outline the aftermath story they want to cover and
relevant aftermath issues.

is November 2013. For more
information visit:


Focus For Humanity Grant 

mission is to be an efficient and innovative fund raising foundation that helps
globally to promote, support and match humanitarian and travel photographers to
NGOs and other humanitarian causes that need their story told. 

in the USA in 2010, Focus For Humanity is now a Singapore based non profit
foundation that supports amateur and professional humanitarian and travel
photographers in perfecting their craft through providing a series of workshop
grants, scholarships and fellowships to work with underfunded NGOs as well as
providing mentoring schemes with leading humanitarian and travel photographers.

year we aim to give out a minim of 8 grants per year. Depending on how our
fund-raising has been going we may opt to give out more grants. Choose form the
three different types of grants that the Foundation offers each year.

varies. For more information visit:


FotoEvidence Book Award

annual FotoEvidence Book Award will recognize a documentary photographer whose
project demonstrates courage and commitment in addressing a violation of human
rights, a significant injustice or an assault on human dignity. The selected
project will be published in a book, as part of a series of FotoEvidence books
dedicated to the work of photographers whose commitment and courage create an
awareness of social injustice. 

Book Award winner and up to four other selected finalists will be exhibited on
the FotoEvidence web site and at a gallery exhibition in New York City during
the fall of 2014.

to the FotoEvidence Book Award are accepted all year up until the deadline of
January 15th of the award year, i.e. submissions for the 2014 FotoEvidence Book
Award must be received by midnight (E.S.T.) on January 15th, 2014. Submissions received after January 15th will be
considered for the following year’s Book Award. 

will be announced by February 15, 2014. For more information visit:


Moving Walls Grant

Open Society Foundations invite photographers to submit a body of work for
consideration in the Moving Walls 21 group exhibition, scheduled to open in New
York in the fall 2013. The Moving Walls exhibition

showcases documentary photography that highlights human rights and social
issues that coincide with the Open Society Foundations’ mission. Moving Walls
is exhibited at our offices in New York and Washington, D.C.

participating photographers, a key benefit of the program is to gain exposure
for their projects, as well as the social justice or human rights issues they address.
In addition to a $2,500 honorarium, photographers receive their professionally
produced exhibitions at the end of the exhibition tour in New York and
Washington, D.C.

for submissions to Moving Walls is Tuesday, February 26, 2013. To apply, go to:


Pulitzer Center On Crisis
Reporting Grant

Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting funds international travel costs associated
with reporting projects on topics and regions of global importance, with an
emphasis on issues that have gone unreported or under-reported in the
mainstream American media. The amount of individual travel grants will depend
on the specific project and detailed budget planning. Most awards fall in the range
of $2,000 to $10,000 but depending on project specifics may be as much as

approved projects, half of the grant amount is generally paid just before
travel and the remainder on submission of the principal material for
publication or broadcast. Specific grant terms are negotiated during the
application process.

are open to all journalists, writers, photographers, radio producers or
filmmakers; staff journalists as well as free-lancers of any nationality are
eligible to apply. For more information visit:


Blue Earth Alliance Grant

Earth sponsors photographic projects whose goal is to educate the public about
endangered cultures, threatened environments, or current topics of social
concern. We are primarily interested in work that is educational and
informational in nature, and will consider proposals of any geographic scope,
involving the photographic medium (we do not sponsor motion picture projects).
Our standard contract sponsors the project for two years.

We accept submissions for sponsorship twice each year, January 20th and July 20th. Materials
must be received in our offices by the deadline. We announce recipients
approximately two months later.

For more information visit:


The Nieman Fellowship

Fellowship program is the oldest and best-known study program for
journalists in the world. More than 1,300 journalists from 91 countries and
territories around the world have come to Harvard for a year of learning,
exploration and fellowship. 

more information visit:


John S. Knight Journalism
Fellowship at Stanford

Journalism Fellowships foster journalistic innovation, entrepreneurship, and
leadership. Together with a group of fellows from all over the world, you’ll
pursue and develop your innovation ideas and practices, with all the resources
of Stanford and Silicon Valley.

Fellows get time, funding, and the space to test projects and build on ideas.
We keep our program small. Fellows aren’t merely familiar with each other’s
work; they truly collaborate on it. And we value fellows’ lives outside work—we
welcome partners, spouses, and families, and we help support the move to Palo

more information visit: