Florian Schulz

Florian Schulz has been driven by a passion to document earth’s last wild places and its wildlife. When he envisions an images for a story, little can stop him. Attacking black rhinos, great white sharks, camping on arctic sea ice, blizzard conditions, circling polar bears or myriads of bloodthirsty mosquitoes have not deterred the German-born photographer from his mission.

Schulz has dedicated his life to his job. He has not only immersed himself into the wilderness for months on end, but has become a recognized speaker on important conservation topics. He created the “Freedom To Roam” project and is considered a leader in communicating the importance of wildlife corridors and interconnected ecosystems. His photographs and film work reveal the intricate nature of our planet’s web of life in a sensitive way. This demands a lot of time. Florian therefore specializes in long term documentary projects of entire ecosystems, using the latest technology in photography and film to bring nature to life. He often connects with leading NGOs, ultimately seeking to transport his viewers into nature, acting as an ambassador for the natural world.

While photography was part of his life from his teenage years, he was trained in biology at the University of Heidelberg. His stories on wildlife and endangered ecosystems have been published in magazines worldwide and Florian has won numerous awards including “Environmental Photographer of the Year”.

Exhibits of his work have been shown in different recognized museums and Florian is the author of multiple large format photographic books: “To The Arctic”, The Wild Edge: Freedom to Roam the Pacific Coast” and “Yellowstone to Yukon: Freedom To Roam”.

Depending on the project, he lives with his wife Emil and two boys between Alaska, Baja California or Southern Germany.