Ian Nichols

Ian Nichols is a wildlife photographer and naturalist, documenting the lives of animals and the human connection with nature.  Ian has spent great lengths of time in West Africa, working closely with research scientists as a photographer.  His work has been featured in two NGM stories, on undocumented chimpanzee tool use and lowland gorilla family life.  Patient and sensitive to the nuances of primate behavior, Ian has captured rare glimpses into these great apes.


Ian is on the journey to becoming a graduate student.  His research will document and analyze chimpanzee behavior in both a savannah and jungle environment, giving a look into how early hominids may have approached the two environments.  The project will bring together media and science to further the conservation of great apes.

Ian grew up traveling with his parents, often in jungle environments, which fostered his great interest in nature. A keen observer he seeks to discover and document the “what” and “why” of animal behavior. Ian lives in Virginia with his lovely wife Kristin, where they are building their dream home.

NGM Stories

Feb 2010:      Goualougo Chimpanzees

Jan 2008:       Lowland Gorillas