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“Most readers of National Geographic probably don’t realize that the photographers who produce those stunning images aren’t on the magazine’s staff; they are freelancers who work under contract for individual stories. The Photo Society website features images, blogs and vignettes of what it takes to do this job.”


“The Photo Society… polled its members about their experiences in the field… Working for the famous adventure magazine isn’t all just exotic locales and spectacular photo ops; there’s a fair amount of danger that goes hand-in-hand with the glamour.”


“No matter how committed to their work, most photographers aren’t willing to risk their health and safety for a shot, but the world is certainly a better place because some people are crazy enough to carry on when all logic tells them they shouldn’t.”

– Popular Photography

“Membership in the group, dubbed “The Photo Society,” is limited to photographers who’ve published at least one feature story in the magazine.”

– Photo District News

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