Fifty Years On…

 I stumble a bit, me, the former Math major, when I try and do the ‘math.’  Last fall was fifty years:  I arrived in Vietnam in October 1970 following a two year stint freelancing for TIME in DC and Miami bureaus.  Frankly, I never …

A DMZ Christmas 50 Years Ago

 Back in the early 1960s, in the wake of Sputnik and such fanciful terms as “the Space Race,” the “Missile Gap,” and Pupnik (Sputnik 2 carried a little Russian terrier named Laika), and, in the words of one of the old geezers (gee, he must have be…

Once In A Blue Moon

Dear Friends, I’m sure you have all heard the expression “Once in a Blue Moon”, but did you know that a blue moon refers to the second full moon that falls in one calendar month?  This is pretty rare, occurring only about once every 2.5 years, but we had one recently on Oct 30, and […]

Supporting Wild Orangutans of Gunung Palung

This year has been a wild ride, but I’m still feeling thankful.  This thanksgiving holiday, I’ve decided that instead of focusing on Black Friday sales, I want to use the reach I have with my newsletter and social media to help raise awareness and support for Orangutan Conservation in Borneo.  So I hope you will […]

Backyard Bird Inspiration

Finding inspiration in nature, and sharing it with others, is part of everything I do.  This crazy Covid year has given me a chance to find some of that inspiration closer to home, and I wanted to share a little with you this week.  Like many of you I’m sure, I have had bird feeders […]

A Moment of Nature’s Beauty: The “Bird-of-Paradise Sunrise”

Dear Friends, To celebrate the launching of my Limited Editions prints, I’d like to share a behind the scenes video about how I made what is perhaps my most famous image, the Bird-of-Paradise Sunrise.  This video from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, featuring my colleague Ed Scholes and me, tells the story behind this shot. […]

International Photo Festival at Montier en Der

Dear Friends, I have just returned from a great experience in France, where I was a special guest of honor at the International Photo Festival at Montier en Der.  It’s a unique festival with a hundred photographers exhibiting, and over 40,000 visitors over four days.  I selected twenty of my best rain forest bird images […]