Andy Sands

Upon leaving school Andy got a job in a specialist camera shop and purchased his first manual 35mm film SLR camera and soon began photographing wildlife.  He learnt photography with the help of his colleagues in the trade as well as trial and error in these early days he processed and printed his own photographs on black & white, colour negative and colour slide films.  These days he shoots with the latest digital cameras and lenses, he now also owns and runs Chiswick Camera Centre.  Much of his equipment involves the adaptation of microscope objectives, close up lens attachments and use of reversed lenses to obtain very close up details.  Modern equipment allows vibration free shooting and techniques such as focus stacking that have opened up new possibilities in macro photogrpahy.

Andy’s images of British Wildlife and have been  published in many books and magazines nationally and internationally including his first story in National Geographic, May 2023.  This story was the culmination of 5 years studying and photographing Slime Moulds (Myxomycetes) a challenge due to their tiny size the average being between 1 and 2mm tall.  This ongoing project involves spending days on end searching for these tiny life forms in leaf litter and rotting wood on the woodland floor.

Andy enjoys showing his images to as wider audience as possible and tries to convey a sense of the subjects behaviour and personality, he particularly enjoys opening people’s eyes to unseen worlds that are all around us.  The diversity and incredible relationships that often go unnoticed, those little things that make up the vast majority of life on Earth, the important things that prop up the entire ecosystem.

Andy was born in Watford in 1969 and now lives in the St Albans area not too far from his childhood home in South East England.  He has always enjoyed a keen interest in Natural History which was encouraged by his Grandfather throughout his childhood.  This early interest evolved into a fascination with the complex relationships between living things, particularly insects.  This captivation has stayed with him throughout life and has led to an increasing interest in smaller and smaller subjects.  Andy has a particular interest in macro photography of insects particularly Bees and Wasps also Fungi & Slime Moulds, he specializes in British subjects and gives many talks on these subjects.