David McLain

I built my chops the old fashioned way shooting feature length assignments around the world for National Geographic Magazine.  While the stories varied greatly the mandate was always the same: create timeless images for a client with the highest visual standards on earth.

This experience informs my commercial work which revolves around bringing brands to life in ways people recognize as authentic and real.  I want people to look at the images I create for companies and feel inspired, not sold to.   In this sense, my commercial work is very personal and I seek collaborations with like minded clients who have authentic stories to tell.

More recently I have become absorbed with cinematography and am actively adapting my eye and skill-set toward shooting motion. Together with colorist and post production expert Jerome Thelia I co-founded  Merge, a boutique production company.  Business is booming and after finishing a major global campaign for Sony, Merge just received full funding to shoot a feature length documentary based on the forthcoming book by Harvard Anthropologist John Fox entitled “The Ball:  Discovering the Object of the Game”.

At home, I live with my wife and two children in a 220 year old farmhouse with a big post beam barn on 2 beautiful acres just outside of Portland, Maine, a place that has always triggered an instinctual sense belonging in me.   My family, my home, and Maine ground me and fuel the boundless sense of possibility and hope I bring to my work.

I continually marvel at how endless the opportunities are.  Now is the time to start exploring them.