Elliot Ross

Elliot Ross (b.1990) is a Taiwanese-American photographer based in Colorado. For the last decade, Ross has been working in the American West focusing on difficult issues facing the human condition and how history and physical environments shape community and culture. Within this framework, his ongoing work investigates the water crisis unfolding across the Western United States, how indigenous communities of arctic Alaska are facing climate change through self determination, what the unresolved histories and residual ideologies of Manifest Destiny can tell us today, and the environmental and cultural effects of geopolitical borders. 

A desire for understanding and establishing common ground on polarized issues is a common theme throughout Ross’s work. In recognition of this, the National Geographic Society named Ross a National Geographic Explorer in 2019 for his ongoing documentary work in Alaskan Arctic communities. In May of 2019, Ross published his second book with the imprint Gnomic Book titled American Backyard. His work has been widely published, with notable print features in TIME, multiple stories including a cover for National Geographic, The New York Times and The New Yorker

His accolades include winning PDN’s Photo Annual, awarded PDN’s 30 photographers to watch, Critical Mass 50 Award and the designation as a Landlines Fellow in 2020. 

His commercial clients include Carhartt, Calvin Klein, Toyota, Rivian and Blue Note Records.