María Daniel Balcázar

María Daniel Balcázar is a documentary photographer with a specialization in long term photographic essays. Most of her projects focus on migrations and the vitality of traditions. She explores the uniqueness and the universal elements of these traditions along with the continuous remaking of identity. Her work captures the strength to resist and to transcend adversity in everyday life.

She has published three books:

  • “Kilombo,” is a tribute to the resilience and vitality of the African legacy in Brazil.
  • “Herederos del Alba” (Heirs of Dawn) documents Bolivia’s main festivity full of history and legends, between Andean and European deities and the memory of African slaves.
  • “Matices de tu mirada” (Nuances of your Gaze) is a visual narrative, honoring Puerto Rican poet: Julia de Burgos.

She is currently working on her project: “Custodios Invisibles” in ten different communities in the Amazons and River Plate basins in Bolivia.

Maria Daniel Balcazar studied fine arts, journalism and social communication, languages, ​​and photography. She has founded an art school in EL Alto, Bolivia. She has given talks, workshops in Brazil, Bolivia and the USA. Her work has been featured in several international magazines and newspapers.

Her work has been exhibited in galleries, universities, museums and international festivals in various cities in Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Italy and the USA.