Robert Dash is drawn to a range of photographic subjects; some of his favorite work comes from hiking across the surfaces of leaves, flowers, and seeds on landscapes smaller than a pinhead. A career science educator who now devotes his time to photography, Dash searches out tiny subjects with huge stories about climate, conservation, and biodiversity. These topics are profoundly impacted by food and agriculture, and his photographic storytelling has shifted there in recent years. Dash’s first National Geographic Magazine feature was “Growing a Greener Feast” in February, ‘22. Proof published, “The Hidden Beauty of the Plants That Feed the World” in September, ‘21. In 2016, Curiously Krulwich’s Science Blog featured his work in, “The Earth Has Lungs: Watch Them Breathe.” Dash’s work has exhibited nationally and overseas; his current traveling exhibition is entitled, “Food for Thought.”

Dash authored the Nautilus Book Award-winning On An Acre Shy of Eternity/ Micro Landscapes at the Edge, a three year investigation of the land, water, and sky of the three- quarter-acre property on the edge of the Salish Sea, where he and his partner, artist Ranna McNeil, reside. This book was produced during the first half of more than 100 trips to the SEM lab.