Ted Spiegel

Freelance photojournalist Ted Spiegel welcomes the challenge of getting within situations and ideas, making otherwise invisible moments visible.  His Photo Society archive, drawing on travel to fifty states and near sixty countries, presents illustrations from more than twenty National Geographic articles and books. His galleries in The Photo Society Archive provide photos of People and Places (The Philippines, Australia, British Columbia and three American cities — Boston, Philadelphia, Kansas City), History (The Viking Age, The Renaissance, The American Revolution), The Environment (America’s Water Resources, Acid Rain, Global Air Pollution).

Spiegel’s iconic portrait of President John F. Kennedy graced 84,000,000 stamps celebrating his 100th birthday. A long time associate of the Black Star Agency, his clients ranged from National Geographic to USIA, International Harvester to TIME. Ted’s award winning Viking Age coverage led to a Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibit. His Hudson Valley coverage led to an American Museum of Natural History exhibit.