Travis Dove

American photographer Travis Dove is based in his birth state of North Carolina. His work has appeared in large and small publications across the globe, including National Geographic, Rolling Stone, Newsweek, The New York Times and many more. He received his BA from Wake Forest University in 2004 and two years later he began pursuing a photography career through a string of internships at several American newspapers.


While working toward a master’s degree in photography at Ohio University’s School of Visual Communication he was named the 2007 College Photographer of the Year by the Missouri School of Journalism.  His work has been awarded by Pictures of the Year International, World Press Photo, the National Press Photographers Association, and the White House News Photographers Association, among others. His first story for National Geographic Magazine was also published in the form of a book in Greece.  Travis has been featured on the cover of News Photographer Magazine and was named as “One to Watch” by American Photo Magazine in 2010.