Tyrone Turner

Exploring worlds from the bayous of Louisiana to the backlands of Brazil, Tyrone Turner’s work brings him to incredible, dangerous, intimate and fun places. For Turner, photography is about engagement with the world, with people and places he wouldn’t know otherwise, whether that is hanging out with street children in Brazil, exploring Maya murals in Guatemala or stepping along with a second line parade in his native New Orleans.

In addition to contributing to National Geographic Magazine since 2004, Turner has photographed for many other international magazines, non-profit foundations, and advertising campaigns. He has received awards and fellowships for his work from POY, the Soros Foundation and the Institute of Current World Affairs.

Presently, Turner is at work on a project focused on his childhood stomping grounds of coastal Louisiana, photographing the culture of this disappearing landscape.

Besides his own shooting, Turner leads the National Geographic Weekend Photo Workshop in New Orleans. He is a fellow with the New Literacy Project and a thesis mentor with the New Media Photojournalism Program at the Corcoran College of Art + Design.