Empty Quarter

Empty Quarter offers stunning images of the desolate yet beautiful Arabian landscape, its nomadic people, and resilient wildlife that few outsiders have ever seen. Although only a fraction of the size of its giant neighbor, the Sahara, the Empty Quarter’s punishing terrain has rarely been captured on film, and never from the low-altitude aerial perspective of an ultralight aircraft. Old maps, satellite images, and the extraordinary nature of Arabian hospitality enabled Steinmetz to travel where few have ever ventured. He reveals in his photographs a true wilderness, without a single permanent human habitation or known point of water, preserved by its harsh climate and extreme remoteness, as well as a fascinating tradition of a hardy people living at its edges. On his travels Steinmetz encountered herds of oryx, sheikhs, a camel beauty contest, and more. For experienced travelers or explorers and for those who have never heard of the Empty Quarter, entering the heart of the Arabian Desert is truly the ultimate experience. This is a story in essays and photos of a great adventure to a captivating, far-away place, largely unexplored by the western world.

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