“’I suddenly saw that this could be the key to a completely different kind of image – one that shows the rhythms of a flock’s movements. I started to imagine the group of swans as one, flowing over the ice, seen at different points in time and space, and he set out to create the illusion: the swan enters lower right, wanders around a bit, sits down a few times, and exits top right – a single shot of continuous time and motion”. Stefano Unterthiner – 2010, Hokkaido, Japan

 The picture “Illusion” won first prize in the “Creative visions of nature” category in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, 2011.

 Print run: 250 copies (for each print size available)

 Support: Hahnemühle, William Turner 310 gr

Each print is hand-signed, numbered, embossed with the Digigraphie label and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

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