Ismail Ferdous

Ismail Ferdous, during the coverage of the refugee crisis in Calais, France 2016.

Ismail Ferdous is a photojournalist from Bangladesh, presently resides in New York City,  who covers social and humanitarian issues. He began his photo and video advocacy project, “The Cost of Fashion”, after documenting the Rana Plaza factory collapse, the worst industrial disaster in history. He continued working on same issue with “After Rana Plaza” project, continuing to spread awareness about the fashion industry and its negative effects on workers in Bangladesh- which won first ever Instagram Grant. Ferdous’ photo reportages cover war, climate change, earth quake in Nepal and refugee crisis in Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, in the mediterranean sea, France and Bangladesh. His work won more than 10 major photojournalism awards including twice National Photo Press Award in the US. His work is been exhibited in New York, Paris, Geneva, Dhaka, Delhi, Sao Paolo, Arles, Turin. Ferdous is a regular contributor to National Geographic Magazine, The New York Times Magazine, The New Yorker, Washington Post, Stern, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal and many more major news media and corporate clients.