Norbert Rosing

Norbert Rosing lives as a nature and wildlife photographer in Germany. His passion is the wildlife and natural wonders of the Arctic regions in Canada and Spitsbergen / Norway. He travels to these areas since two decades  on more than 50 separate journeys .
Since he saw his first polar bear, this
animal became his big passion. The big story “The world of the Polar bear” startet.
The Yellowstone National Park has been another destination were he photographed over three years to all seasons.
Also his home country Germany became a favored place for him to photograph. Especially the nature parks from the North Sea coast to the Alps
he covered over the years. Several articles appeared in NGM along with a very successful poster. Norbert published more then 15 coffee table books
on the Arctic and polar bears, as well as on the Yellowstone and the German landscapes. The book “Wild Germany” went now into the 8th print run and a luxury,
limited edition was published in December 2011. Norbert is well known to a brought number of people from TV Shows to multimedia presentations in front of up to 1000 people.
His wife Elli is supporting him since 30 years and keeps his mind free to photograph.
Norbert is a member of NANPA, a fellow of ILCP, PBI (Polar bears International, GDT (German Society of Wildlife Photographers) and the DGPh (German Society of Photography)
Norbert uses Leica Camera equipment (R9 for analog and S2 medium format for digital)