Tigers Forever

Tigers Forever, by award-winning National Geographic photographer Steve Winter and environmental journalist Sharon Guynup, tells the story of the worldwide fight to protect the species. Fascinating to animal lovers, environmentalists, and all lovers of cats, big and small.

National Geographic presents a testament to these noble, yet deeply endangered tigers. Photographing the big cats’ primary habitats in India, Sumatra, and Thailand, Steve Winter gets up close and personal with tigers in their most private moments, both tender and terrifying. He tells the story in pictures and words of how he came to be one of the world’s foremost advocates for this iconic animal. Partnering with Panthera, an international big cat advocacy group, Winter and Guynup are able to weave in the voices of committed people from around the world who dedicate their lives to saving the tiger from extinction, and the inspiring tales of top conservationists; their concerns over the future of tigers; and their solutions, including hard work, community involvement, and indigenous cooperation in India, Sumatra, and Thailand. With more than 120 images of tigers in the wild and real encounters, this book is a page-turner and an inspiration to all who care about protecting the wild.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will go to Panthera’s programe, Tigers Forever, to help  save tigers. Go to Tigersforever.org for more information.

  • Hardcover | 224 pages | 150 color photographs | 12″ x 10 2/10″
  • Photography by Steve Winter
  • Text by Sharon Guynup