Happy New Year 2022!

Dear Friends,

For a little inspiration as 2022 begins, I’m sharing an image of a pair of Red-crowned Cranes performing a duet in a snowstorm.  In Japan, where I made this image, cranes are a symbol of happiness, good luck, and long life.  Despite the blizzard, this pair is thinking ahead to the spring nesting season, and calling together to reinforce their pair bond.  Looking beyond the storm to a brighter, hopeful future that we can reach through working together – these cranes seemed a fitting metaphor for getting through the tough times we are in right now and being positive about the future.

I am exited about 2022 and all the things I have in the works.  Besides making plans to get back to shooting in some of my favorite places like Borneo, I am also hard at work on my new book of bird photography from all over the world titled “BIRD PLANET” that will be published later this year.  The images here are some of the selects being considered for my Japan chapter.  I had a great time reviewing my entire archive of bird photography in 2021, collecting my published favorites, but also finding unpublished gems that came to light during this deep dive into the archive.  If you happen to be a fan of birds and bird photography, I think you’ll enjoy the images and stories behind them that I plan to share throughout the year ahead in this newsletter and on my social channels.

Thanks so much for all your support and for being a part of my photographic journey in 2021.  Your interest and support make it all worthwhile, and I believe that together, we can spread awareness and make a difference for conservation of birds and all of nature.  Here’s to all the possibilities that lie ahead in the New Year.  Lets make it a great one!

Warmest regards,


A self-portrait of my younger self from 2001 in Hokkaido, when I shot the images above (on film of course).  I’m happy to say that twenty years later, I’m still just as passionate about my wildlife photography, and just as enthusiastic about getting in the field to create new images to share with you this year!

P.S.  I always welcome your thoughts and feedback.  Feel free to drop us a note any time at .